Take A Tour Of London's Quirky Bookshops

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Take A Tour Of London's Quirky Bookshops
Image via Bluestocking Books.

Attention book fans: you can now take a guided tour of London's unique independent book shops.

Bluestocking Books run two-and-a-half-hour tours around central and east London. Even the most bookish Londoners will discover something new.

Image by M@.

The tours "combine walking, talking and browsing books, led by classically trained librarians with an enthusiasm for connecting people and books. Themed walks visit the unique bookshops of London, mixing new, second-hand, antiquarian and specialty publishing shops with local history along the way."

Image by M@.

You can try one of several themed tours which, at the time of writing, include: Magic, medicine and esoterica; art and design; Shoreditch creative tour; Travel tour; and the Comics and journey into adventure tour.

It's an obvious idea in retrospect, but we don't recall seeing anything quite like this before.

Tours cost £10-£12 and usually begin at 2pm. Book here.

Last Updated 07 November 2017