Can You Name These Buildings From The Incredible Photos?

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Can You Name These Buildings From The Incredible Photos?

Where is this? It's a world-famous site from an unfamiliar angle.

That's the beauty of Unseen London, Peter Dazeley's photographic tour of the capital. Dazeley gets into places most of us can't, and reports back with stunning photography.

Unseen London was originally published in 2014, when we gave it a glowing review. A second edition has now been published, with many new locations. Dazeley, a busy man, also has a photo tribute to London's theatres out at the moment. Is there anywhere he hasn't been?

See how many of the following buildings you can identify from his photographs. Answers at the bottom...

Unseen London, 2nd edition is out now from Frances Lincoln. All images (c) Peter Dazeley.


Top image: Hampton Court Palace from the rooftops.

Lower images in order: Portcullis room in the Byward Tower, Tower of London; ceiling of the Chapel Royal in Hampton Court Palace; Supreme Court; Bow Street Police Station cells; Old War Office, Whitehall; Annabel's Nightclub, Berkeley Square.

Last Updated 24 October 2017