Guess What Our Most-Read Article Of 2023 Was...

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Guess What Our Most-Read Article Of 2023 Was...

2023 was the year of the Superloop, coronations and lashings of museum (re)openings. But what was it that Londonist readers were drooling over most of all? Here's our annual run-down of the articles you absolutely ruddy devoured.

10. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2023: A Guide To Visiting London's Huge Christmas Festival

A multicoloured fairground at night
You love this, you do. Image: Jason Hawkes

Ice sculptures, chimney cakes, and bigs wheels that aren't quite as big as the London Eye. Though we have some questions about Winter Wonderland, this big boy of bacchanalia has come to mark the beginning of London's festive season on the calendar, with one almighty blob of glitter pen — and Londonist followers clearly want to read up on it before they go. Let's just hope you haven't spaffed all your Christmas shopping money on cinnamon churros... Read the full article (WW is on until 1 January 2024)

9. Walking With The Snowman: Free Art Trail Comes To Fleet Street This Christmas

A gingerbread-coloured The Snowman sculpture with 12 drummers in a circle on its back.
At last - a snowman that doesn't melt.

This year's been all about the sculpture trails, so maybe it was inevitable that one wound up on this list. For all the gorillas, giraffes and Morphs, it turns out it's Raymond Briggs's tragi-hero the Snowman who ruffles your truffles the most. 12 of these individually decorated figures have been scattered in and around Fleet Street, one painted with a load of other snowmen, which you have to admit is particularly meta. Read the full article (the sculptures are in situ till 5 January 2024)

8. Where To Go Ice Skating In London For Christmas 2023

Christmas ice skating in London: the Somerset House ice rink full of skaters in the day time, with a very tall Christmas tree in the background.
Cut the Vince Guaraldi music. Photo: Owen Harvey/Somerset House

And it's an early hat trick for Christmas! While a couple of London's iconic rinks have now melted away forever (we're looking at you Tower of London and Natural History Museum), a new guard has taken over, including Battersea Power Station (this year, embellished with David Hockney's Christmas trees) plus a brand brand new one in Hanover Square. You're definitely getting more into your skating too — last year this guide didn't make it into the top 10. Read the full article (many rinks stay open till early January 2024)

7. All 272 Tube Stations On The London Underground Bitchily Reviewed

The windows of Tooting Broadway station with a statue of Edward VII in front
Tooting Broadway: one of the grand dames of south London stations ★★★★★ Image: Matt Brown/Londonist

Would it even be a 'most-read' Londonist list without the tube? We decided it was high time someone gave an appraisal of every man jack station on the Underground network, from Acton Town ("Clerestory window god tier" ★★★★) to Woodside Park: ("A comely station for a comely name" ★★★★). Read the full article (and maybe even buy the poster)

6. Where To Celebrate Diwali 2023 In London

Diwali 2023 In London: People in colourful Diwali outfits dancing in front of the National Gallery
Diwali is BIG in London (and on Londonist). Image © Greater London Authority

Tens of thousands of Londoners turned up for 2023's Diwali celebrations in Trafalgar Square — a riot of colour, dance and spectacle, in celebration of the festival of light celebrated by people from several different countries and religions, including Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. We hope you all had a smashing time there!

5. Back To Hogwarts Day 2023: Harry Potter Fans To Gather At King's Cross Again This September

A young boy poses with a wand, with other Potter fans behind him in King's Cross station
The only time in the year when passengers applaud a non-existent train in a non-sarcastic manner. Image: PinPep

Harry Potter and trains... who'd've thunk the combo would have been so popular... 🤔 Every 1 September, King's Cross station becomes even more chocka than usual, when thousands of Potterheads debouch onto the concourse for Back to Hogwarts Day, counting down to the announcement of the Hogwarts Express, calling at Hogsmeade only. The occasion is particularly special because it's the only time in the year when passengers applaud a non-existent train in a non-sarcastic manner.

4. Metro Memory: The Addictive Tube Game You're Going To Be Playing All Week

London Metro Memory: A map of tube stations, unnamed with a type box in the middle
Sorry to bring this up again. Image: Metro Memory

Emerson Park! You forgot Emerson Park! All sorts of things are sent to test us through our lives, and October saw a biggie, with the advent of Metro Memory, a dangerously addictive game that calls on players to name every single TfL station on the network (that's 416, thank you very much), and gradually come to realise they are not as urbane as they would have their parents/countryside friends believe. If you got 100%, then congratulations, and also WHO ARE YOU?! Read the full article (and relive the pain all over)

3. TfL Is Closing Five Tube Lines This Weekend

Two tube trains on the platforms at a Jubilee line station
They are open again now, btw. Image: iStock/coldsnowstorm

More tube pain at number three, with the news from November that a whole host of tube lines would be out of action over a weekend. From the number of clicks this article got, maybe you thought TfL was closing the five tube lines FOREVER?

2. When Are London's Christmas Lights Switched On For 2023?

London Christmas lights 2023 guide: colourful and glittery lights over Carnaby Street, seen from above
Carnaby knows what it's doing. Image: Matt Crossick/PA

From switching things off, to switching them on. As the final few months of the year roll around, all you seem to be able to think about (apart from where you went wrong on Metro Memory) is Christmas. Fortunately, most of London's major festive lights get glowing from early November — and boy, were you ready to read about what was lighting up where. The lights remain on till early January 2024, and we recommend you go and soak them up by foot or bus.

1. Where To Watch Fireworks On Bonfire Night In London 2023

A crowd watching a firework display
You like things that explode, it turns out.

Exploding onto the number one slot it's THIS — something of a surprise, maybe, and climbing an impressive three spots from last year's rankings. (Who's laughing NOW, Christmas?!) Not much point reading this article now tbh, although if you like fireworks, you're going to LOVE this thing that's coming up called New Year's Eve.

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