Metro Memory: The Addictive Tube Game You're Going To Be Playing All Week

Last Updated 25 April 2024

Metro Memory: The Addictive Tube Game You're Going To Be Playing All Week
London Metro Memory: A map of tube stations, unnamed with a type box in the middle
70% of your waking week is going to be spent looking at this. Image: Metro Memory

Tube geeks — here's the game that's going to get you through the week.

London Metro Memory has an incredibly simple premise. Remember as many tube stations as you can. Overground and Elizabeth line too. Type them in, and they'll appear on the map. Every time you 'complete' an entire line, there's a little bit of celebratory roundel confetti. Bosh.

London Metro Memory:  A chart showing the percentages of stations guessed
This somehow makes it more addictive. Image: Metro Memory

Like any quiz game worth its salt, Metro Memory starts off breezily enough — as you glide your way through your Oxford Circuses and Brixtons — but grows decidedly knottier when you try to conjure up the name of that obscure Overground station with the weird name — no, not that one, the other one. It might even break you:

Remember, this isn't a mere 272 stations — but 416. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Metro Memory is going to seriously lower your productivity at work this week. Especially if, like us, you're half decent at naming tube stations, but don't have a photographic memory. By the way, if you close or refresh the tab, it remembers all of your answer so far, thus avoiding any nervous breakdowns.

Update (with a spoiler): We retired on 78.4%. Partly because we were running out of ideas, partly because Geoff Marshall started texting us the answers, and partly because we woke up in the middle of the night, exclaiming 'CHIGWELL!'.

Check out Metro Memory here, but be warned, there is no going back.