Brewery Taprooms In London: A List Of Every Single One Of 'Em

Last Updated 03 May 2024

Brewery Taprooms In London: A List Of Every Single One Of 'Em

Looking for a comprehensive run-down of brewery taprooms in London? You just found it! We've listed every taproom that specialises in beer from one particular brewery, and opens to the public.

Last update: August 2023.

Best taprooms in London: An arch taproom full of barrels
London Beer Factory. Image: Londonist

Bermondsey beer mile taprooms

As the cradle of London's craft beer civilisation, Bermondsey deserves a section all of its own. Note: we've not included bottleshops because... well, they're not taprooms are they.

Anspach and Hobday: The Arch House: Purveyors of London Black — the capital's liquid riposte to Guinness — this is a great little railway arch taproom. As with many of these Bermondsey taprooms, it's within spitting distance of Maltby Street Market — meaning superb scran at your beck and call Fri-Sun. A&S also brew in Croydon, and did have a taproom there for a bit, but currently don't have plans to reopen it. Anspach and Hobday: The Arch House, open Weds-Sun

Bianca Road Brew Co: A fab under the arches taproom, dishing up bright and sunny beers crafted on site — everything from IPA to helles to an 11% peanut butter stout. Bianca Road Brew Co, open Weds-Sun

Cloudwater Brew Co: Something wonderful happened in Manchester, and then London had to have it too. Arguably one of the UK's great breweries has this winsome outpost on the beer mile, with 20+ draught beers on tap, many their own. They don't brew on site. Cloudwater Brew Co, open Weds-Sun

EeBria Tap: This one doesn't strictly meet our definition of a taproom (as it serves a range of beers from different breweries, rather than focusing on one). HOWEVER, seeing as it's on the beer mile — and the breweries represented here are invariably first-rate — it seems silly not to make you aware of its existence. Lordy, we've broken our own rules and regs already. EeBria Tap, open Sat only

Fourpure Brewing Co: Here's a smashing taproom, flowing with a veritable waterbeerfall of Fourpure — a world away from what you'll find on the supermarket shelf. There's pizza, and they do brewery tours on Saturdays too. After being bought out by big boys Lion in 2018 — an era which included a photo op with Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak playing silly buggers with the kegs — we're happy to report the brewery is independent once more. Fourpure Brewing Co, open Thurs-Sat

Gosnells Meadery Taproom: I feel the need... the need for mead! If that sounds like you, then for goodness sake, get to Gosnells, because it's the only meadery you're going to find in London. Hopped mead, hibiscus mead, sour mead... they've got everything you mead, sorry need. They serve beer too, just not their own. Gosnells Meadery Taproom, open Weds-Sun

Hiver Taproom: Re. What we just said about mead. Hiver specialises in honey beer, which while not mead, is a shoo-in for drinkers with a sweeter tooth. Best quaffed on a summer's afternoon. Hiver Taproom, open Fri-Sat

Best taprooms in London: People sitting outside a taproom beneath brick railway arches
Kernel. Image: Londonist

The Kernel Brewery: Mamma mia. One of London's OG craft breweries, Kernel never lost sight of its valorous goal of brewing pitch-perfect suds: their slew of IPAs and pales is sensational, their potent India porters to die for, they do sours too — the whole kit and caboodle. If this taproom was in the US, there'd be queues around the block, t shirts and caps being flogged for $30 a pop. But this is Kernel, and so you can drink some of the finest beer — not just in London, but the world — in unassuming back street SE16 surroundings. The brewery's also next to a bakery, and the commingling aromas of hops and fresh pastries is what we assume it smells like when you die and go to heaven. The Kernel Brewery, Weds-Sun

London Beer Factory: Those walls of wooden beer kegs are not just for show you know; this is their 'Barrel Project' — an ongoing mission to craft some truly incredible aged beers — think a brett-fermented IPA, white jasmine tea saison, and a barrel aged strawberry smoothie IPA. It's the beer equivalent of getting into overripe blue cheeses; if you get it, you get it. They also have just as many delicious pale ales and the like on tap. A great brewery. London Beer Factory, Tues-Sun

Best taprooms in London: A glass of beer in front of a stack of wooden barrels
London Beer Factory. Image: Londonist

Mash Paddle Brewery: Beer mile noobs Mash Paddle opened in 2022, offering wannabe brewers the chance to craft their own beers without having to fit a 450 gallon fermentation tank in their own kitchen. As luck would have it, Mash Paddle also have a taproom, peddling beers made here, plus guests. Mash Paddle Brewery, open daily

Moor Beer Vaults: Bristol-based Moor branched out into Bermondsey a number of years ago now — keen for a slice of the beer mile pie. They don't brew here, but it's a chance to get your chops around their flavoursome spectrum of beers — with plenty to please kegheads and caskheads alike. Fans of sour suds can happily pucker up, too. Moor Beer Vaults, Thurs-Sun

The Outpost, home to Three Hills Brewing: Like Moor, this Northamptonshire brewery wanted in on Bermondsey, but unlike Moor, they brew here too. 20 taps pour everything from tank-dispensed house saison to nitro banoffee pie imperial stour. Guest beers too. The Outpost, Tues, Fri and Sat

Small Beer Brew Co: As more and more beer lovers come round to the concept of not getting utterly stewed all the time, outfits like Small Beer are on hand with excellent-tasting brews, which come in at 2.8%. This taproom also offers brewery tours, live music and comedy nights. Small Beer Brew Co, Weds-Sat

Brewery taprooms in London: A sign saying tap room open - with the Shard in the distance
Southwark Brewing Company. Image: Londonist

Southwark Brewing Company: Of all the breweries on all the beer mile, this is probably the best if you pine for a pint of fresh cask. No nonsense beers like Bankside Blonde and Routemaster Red will slap a grin on the face of the most curmudgeonly CAMRA member. (They do also serve some keg.) Southwark Brewing Company, Tues-Sun

Spartan Brewery: A refreshingly small Bermondsey setup, Spartan specialises in light, English-hopped cask beers, and opens once a week. Spartan Brewery, open Sat only

Blackhorse Beer Mile taprooms

A relatively new addition to London, the Blackhorse Beer Mile (note the capital letters, as this is its official name, unlike Bermondsey's), consists of seven breweries close to Blackhorse Road, which've combined forces to create a greater entity (think Captain Planet, but with beer). There's also Renegade Urban Winery if you fancy mixing things up.

Beerblefish Brewing Co: A playful taproom with cosmic wall murals a la laserquest, pool tables — and plenty of very good beers. These include a 'heritage' line, based on 19th recipes sourced from the archives — as well as contemporary brews like the Pan Galactic Pale Ale, inspired by a certain trilogy of four. They also make gin. Beerblefish Brewing Co, Thurs-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: People at a green tiled bar in a vast brick warehouse space
Big Penny Social. Image: Londonist

Big Penny Social: Formerly known as Truman's, this mahoosive setup is now party central in these parts, throwing sundry brunches, sport screenings, beach parties... we once saw a blinking circus here. The space itself must be one of the biggest beer halls in London, if not THE. Big Penny's own beer, we admit, is a tad underwhelming — but they have decent guests on. Big Penny Social, open daily

Exale Brewing and Taproom: A former furniture factory, converted into a beery wonderland, with 'clouds' lingering just below the ceiling. Exale is a jolly place to have a beer — and their beer's fun too: think tropical gose, and blueberry and lychee sour. There's live music, quizzes and the like as well. Exale Brewing and Taproom, Thurs-Sun

Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom: Once a sensible (if competent) brewer of cask ales, Hackney has now really popped out of its shell, serving up the likes of Millions of Peaches sour, and Unicorn Rodeo — a double-dry-hopped extra pale. Core beers cost just £3.50 on Thursdays at the taproom, where there's also regular fun and games (inc. neon life drawing) and grub from Oli Babas. Hackney Brewery & High Hill Taproom, Thurs-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: People crowing outside a brewery with huge silver fermentation tanks in the background
Signature Brew. Image: Londonist

Pretty Decent Beer Co BRH Taproom: A Forest Hill brewery which doubled the size of its operation in 2022, by setting up a second base here on the Blackhorse Beer Mile. They do lagers, sours, low-to-no alcoholic beers — plus (when the weather's right), beer slushies and micheladas. Pizza from Not Big Dough is at hand five days a week. Pretty Decent Beer Co BRH Taproom, open daily

Signature Brew Blackhorse Road: With microphones for taps and regular open mic nights, music is at the heart of the Signature Brew ethos — hence their flagship Roadie IPA, and Studio Lager. This sizeable brewery site is a venue in its own right, also hosting comedy, quizzes, even Riot Grrrls wrestling. Signature Brew Blackhorse Road, open daily

Wild Card Brewery Lockwood: Headed by Jaega Wise — one of the country's most respected brewsters — Wild Card dishes out a colourful range of brews, which these days stretches from tropical stouts (!) to an extremely posh raspberry cuvee. Also some of our fave beer artwork. Wild Card Brewery Lockwood, Fri-Sun

North London taprooms

Brewery taprooms in London: A sign for 3 Locks Beer Hall
3 Locks. Image: Londonist

3 Locks Brewing Company (Camden): We've heard this recently regenerated part of Camden described as giving off 'shopping mall vibes', and what with all the security guards marching up and down, we can see where they're coming from. Still, 3 Locks occupies a smashing spot by the canal — right opposite the old TV-am studios, and certainly merits a swift beer, especially if you can nab an outside seat. 3 Locks Brewing Company, open daily

Beavertown Brewery & Taproom (Tottenham): A trip to these once undisputed heavyweights of London's craft beer scene is now less thrilling than it used to be (partly because said scene has exploded, partly because: Neck Bloody Oil Bloody Everywhere). But at their industrial estate taproom, you can find some of Beavertown's rarer/more interesting brews, and rekindle the flame. And who doesn't love getting squiffy in a Tottenham Hale car park anyway. Beavertown Brewery & Taproom, Fri-Sun

Bohem Tap Room (Bounds Green): Good things come in small packages — certainly at Bohem, anyway — where their Myddleton Road microbrewery doubles up as snuggly saloon. If you yearn for crisp, semi-savoury Czech lagers, you have found your spot. Bohem Tap Room, Tues-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: A pint held in the foreground with people drinking on outside benches in the background
Beavertown. Image: Bill Lehane

The Bohemia, home of London Brewing Company (North Finchley): Despite its Czech name, in fact The Bohemia brews a shedload of different styles including best bitters, oyster stouts and American pales. It does, of course, do Czech pilsner too. And to think when this place was an O'Neills, all you could get was a Guinness. The Bohemia, open daily

Brewhouse & Kitchen Highbury (Highbury & Islington): Last time we were in a Brewhouse (Islington's, currently closed) we waited five minutes to be acknowledged by the staff before being casually told they weren't actually open. A blip, hopefully; Brewhouses serve some perfectly decent self-brewed concoctions, alongside a hearty food menu. It's like an upscale Wetherspoon — not to be sniffed at. Brewhouse & Kitchen Highbury, open daily

The Bull, home of Gorgeous Brewery (Highgate): The storied Bull pub feels like an unlikely craft beer taproom, but that's what it is; pulling pints of various Gorgeous beers, which —if you so wish — can be quaffed alongside the semi-posh food menu. The Bull, open daily

Camden Beer Hall (Kentish Town): Nowadays, Camden beer is nigh-on ubiquitous (and let's be honest, not always welcome), but this under-the-arches taproom is where it all started, and provides a throwback to the days when Camden were peppy upstarts — offering 20+ taps of freshly-brewed suds. Their tank parties are still a lot of fun. Camden Beer Hall, open daily

The Goodness Brewing Company (Wood Green): Sip anything from IPA to dry stout in this hip warehouse space, scattered with banana palms. The brews are competitively priced, and there's pizza too. The Goodness Brewing Company, Fri-Sun

Gravity Well Brewing Company (Tottenham): Hazy NEIPAs are the speciality of this small outfit, although the taproom serves plenty of other styles, including pales and mouth-puckering fruity sours. Gravity Well Brewing Company, open daily

Hammerton Brewery (Islington): Hammerton produce a wonderful amalgam of 'crafty' kegged beers (including their famous peanut butter stout) and more classic cask brews, like the N7, although their two-tiered, dog-friendly taproom caters more to the former. Hammerton Brewery, Thurs-Sun

Muswell Hillbilly Brewers Taproom (Muswell Hill): Avid homebrewers Pistol Pete, Mart Dude, Steve and Bob decided to go pro in 2017, and although they still produce relatively domestic amounts of beer, you can safely quench your thirst in their taproom to your heart's content, with beers named for local areas: think Tetherdown wheat saison and Palace Sunset red ale (that'll be a nod to Alexandra Palace). Muswell Hillbilly Brewers Taproom, Thurs-Sun

ORA Brewing (Tottenham): Among European brewers, Italy has some of the savviest — and with London's Italian community what it is, it stands to reason there's a brewery like ORA — pouring peach gelato IPA, and caramel pistachio mild. Bellissima! ORA Brewing, Fri-Sat

Pressure Drop Brewing (Tottenham): Exceptional (and exceptionally exciting) craft beers are poured fresh from this lofty warehouse taproom — with the NEIPAs especially crushable. Pressure Drop perfectly straddles that feeling of being a pro setup, but without the sense that it's sold out. Frankly, one of London's best. Pressure Drop Brewing, Fri-Sat

The Tavern on the Hill, home of Wild Card Brewery (Walthamstow): Pub outpost of Wild Card (see Blackhorse Beer Mile), doing roasts and footie. The Tavern on the Hill, open daily

Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom (Caledonian Road): If you're visiting Hammerton (see above), you may as well tick off Two Tribes as well; this trendy taproom secreted away next to some production studios/record company offices is just 10 minutes' walk away. Electronica and BBQed meats are often on hand to go with the beer. P.S. Their Metro beer has a picture of a tube train on it — the can's a keeper. Two Tribes Brewery & Campfire Taproom, Tues-Sat

Pillars Taproom (Walthamstow): A rarity on the London craft scene, Pillars dedicates its brewing nous to lager — whether pils, hopped, helles or otherwise. Also see Unintentional Pub (below) for Pillars action six days a week. Pillars Taproom, Fri-Sun

Redemption Brew Co.& Match Day Taproom (Tottenham): As the name alludes, this marvellous cask-focused taproom (though they do keg now too) only opens to the public on match days (and Spurs home ones at that). Make the effort if you can — Trinity light ale is one of the session beers of London. Redemption Brew Co.& Match Day Taproom, only open Tottenham Hotspur home match days

Signature Brew Wembley: Outpost of the Blackhorse Road brewers (see Blackhorse Beer Mile), with quality street food options at hand. Signature Brew Wembley, open daily

Brewery taprooms in London: Pints being poured from a cluttered array of American style beer taps
Werewolf. Image: Londonist

Unintentional Pub, CRATE St James Street, home of Pillars (Walthamstow) Another outpost (although not that far slung from the brewery taproom) of the east London lager purveyors. Unintentional Pub, Tues-Sun

Werewolf Beer (Camden Road): Hands-down the zaniest taproom in London, Werewolf invites you to sit in old ghost train cars while slurping a range of American style beers (which, we're pleased to say, are far from nightmarish) and watch old Munsters episodes. We adored this place so much, we wrote an article about it. Werewolf Beer, Thurs-Sun

Wild Card Brewery Barrel Store: Another Wild Card (see Blackhorse Beer Mile) encampment, this is the OG brewery, with neighbours including Pillars Brewery and God's Own Junkyard. Wild Card Brewery Barrel Store, Weds, then Fri-Sun

Wolfpack Queens Park: There are three venues (or dens as they like to call them) for this lager brewery, run by two rugby lovers. To be honest, whichever sport is playing here, chances are they'll be screening it. If you're not a lager lover, don't stress — they also serve a range of other locally-brewed craft. In non beer news, they give away free bloody Marys at this branch on Sunday mornings. Worth getting up for. Wolfpack Queens Park, open daily

Wolfpack West Hampstead: Another offering from Wolfpack (see above). Wolfpack West Hampstead, open daily

South London taprooms

Brewery taprooms in London: The star spangled banner and union flag hand from the rafters
Belleville. Image: Londonist

Woah there! If you jumped straight here, there's a whole section on Bermondsey beer mile taprooms at the top of this article.

Battersea Brewery (Battersea Power Station): This spiffy new development's got pretty much everything, so it stands to reason it has a brewery too. Sadly not located in the stunning power station itself, the Battersea Brewery tap has a decent — if not revelatory — selection of its own kegged beers and often a cask offering of its own too. We're also happy to see that the east London-brewed Brodie's (who no longer have their William IV pub 'taproom') can be found on tap here. Cracking cheese toasties too. Battersea Brewery, open daily

The Belleville Brewing Co. (Wandsworth Common): A fave when one of team Londonist lived in this part of south London, Belleville is a friendly industrial retreat seconds from Wandsworth Town station, and offering competitively priced two-third serves of its own steam lager, pales ales, IPAs — and plenty of seasonal surprises. If there's rugby happening, chances are they'll be screening it. The Belleville Brewing Co., Weds-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: Colourful flags flying from a huge warehouse with silver fermenting tanks
Brew By Numbers. Image: Laurie Ayres

The Bird and Barrel, home of Bexley Brewery (Barnehurst): The official taproom for Bexley Brewery, this place falls into the category of micropub — think cosy 'shop' vibe, with lashings of keg and cask — and especially offerings from Bexley. The Bird and Barrel, Weds-Sun

Br3wery (Clock House): We have a long-running joke with our mates about how to pronounce the name of this pint-sized microbrewery, but the taproom itself is not to be laughed at. Fruits sours are a speciality (they make a mango one to die for), and there are also IPAs, lagers, stouts and the like to swig. Nab a seat beneath an umbrella on Beckenham Road if you can. Br3wery, open daily

Brew By Numbers Morden Wharf Brewery (Greenwich): Formerly of the beer mile, Brew By Numbers now resides in this industrial hangar overlooking the Thames, replete with winning beer garden views of Canary Wharf et al. The beer is, as many hopheads will surely agree, some of the most accomplished and wide-ranging in London. Name a style, and BBNO makes it. Brew By Numbers Morden Wharf Brewery, Weds-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: People sitting outside on benches by railway arches, drinking in the sun
Brick. Image: Londonist

Brick (Peckham Rye): Of all the taprooms in London, Brick is the one we've been to most of all — yes, because we used to live nearby, but also because this outfit (which nowadays brews in Deptford) knocks out winning beer after winning beer. Pretty much every palate is catered for, although its sours are especially good — the strawberry and cucumber one is a world-beating summertime refresher. Brick, Tues-Sun

Brixton Brewery Tap Room (Brixton): One of the commoner craft beer sights in pubs London-wide, Brixton pumps out a solid, but not epiphany-giving, array of beers. Its relatively snug railway arch taproom is definitely worth calling in at — especially if you're making an afternoon of it with nearby establishments like Dogs Grandad and Craft Metropolis. Brixton Brewery Tap Room, Weds-Sun

Brockley Taproom (Brockley): Paying equal dues to cask and keg, Brockley serves up both in its white-tiled brewery taproom, including their classic Brockley Pale, which you may well have supped elsewhere. They're keen on seasonality, and depending which of the four seasons it is, will serve up a beer to match — just like the good old days of cask. Brockley Taproom, Weds-Sun

Best taprooms London: People drinking by railway arches with bunting
Bullfinch. Image: Londonist

The Broken Drum (Sidcup): A classic micropub dishing up a handful of well-kept ales at any one time, the Broken Drum also dabbles in brewing, sometimes serving up its own brews, like Angua Blonde. Splendid, grassroots stuff. The Broken Drum, open daily

Bullfinch Brewery & Tap Room (Herne Hill): This friendly rail bridge brewery is usually full of Brockwell Park dog walkers, and serves a number of its own beers, including our go-to — the Wolf APA. We should cherish Bullfinch all the more now that its neighbour Canopy has shut up shop. Bullfinch Brewery & Tap Room, Tues-Sun

The Bull and Finch, home of Bullfinch Brewery (Gipsy Hill): A pub from Bullfinch (see above) crew, serving their beers — as well as wine and cocktails. The Bull and Finch, Weds-Sun

Clarkshaws Brewery Taproom and Shop (Loughborough Junction): Secreted not far from the semi-iconic bright orange Loughborough Junction bridge, Clarkshaws welcomes beers drinkers into its cosy taproom each weekend, where you can also buy bottles, mini-kegs, and even t-shirts. All the beer's vegan friendly. Clarkshaws Brewery Taproom and Shop, Sat-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: Four half pints of beer on the bar, with lots of taps in the background.
Cronx. Image: Londonist

The Cronx Tap (Croydon): Newly installed on Croydon's High Street in 2023, the Cronx's taproom has been long-awaited since the Croydon brewery left Boxpark in 2021. This modern-feeling taproom stocks a slew of Cronx beers (including sometimes its Entire porter on cask) — plus a generous helping of guest beers. The Cronx Tap, open daily

Distortion Tank Bar (Wandsworth Road): We think we've only ever had one or two Distortion beers, but they were mighty good — and this taproom, where six different brews are served fresh from the tank, looks spiffy in a sci-fi sorta way. Distortion Tank Bar, Thurs-Sun

Dogs Grandad (Brixton): An esoteric name (and lack of apostrophe?) shouldn't put you off this affable taproom, which does a smashing pint of black IPA, and has a retro arcade game you can play on for free. FYI this taproom practically neighbours Brixton Brewery. Dogs Grandad Brewery, Fri and Sat

Brewery taprooms in London: People drinking in the brewery, with all the equipment behind.
Drop Project. Image: Londonist

Drop Project Brewing (Mitcham Junction): Genuinely one of our favourite breweries anywhere, these hop-forward geniuses (creators of dank brews like Crush) lies in the industrial sticks of Mitcham, and only opens for two days of the month (more if the Six Nations is on). When they are open, drop everything and come. Drop Project Brewing, open first Fri and Sat of month, and sometimes when rugby is happening

The Douglas Fir, home of Gipsy Hill Brewing Company (Anerley): Gispy Hill's (see below) smashing little neighbourhood pub, serving a few different GH beers, plus guests. If you can nab the armchair, you're one of life's winners. The Douglas Fir, Tues-Sun

Friendship Adventure (Loughborough Junction): The bright murals, board games, and cartoon animals stuck on the side of the fermenters give this brewery taproom an upbeat vibe — which seems apt, given it's called Friendship Adventure. The beer's decent enough, and there are guests locals pouring too. Friendship Adventure, Weds-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: Two people with bikes in front of the brewery building - with a skyscraper rising in the background
Gipsy Hill. Image: Vincent Vallieres.

Gipsy Hill Brewing Company Taproom (Gipsy Hill): One of south London's most prolific breweries, Gipsy Hill pours a slew of beers at its taproom, which spills out into its car-park-turned-beer-garden when the weather will allow. Here you can sup beyond the usual Hepcat; get the mai thai sour or Bustler imperial IPA if they have it. There are often food trucks, or order Yard Sale pizza — you will not regret it. Gipsy Hill Brewing Company Taproom, Weds-Sun

Green Goddess (Blackheath): The brewing operation isn't yet up and running here yet, although they do serve many other delicious suds in the meantime. Green Goddess, Weds-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: An array of craft beer taps with aluminium backing - and scores of beer badges stuck on the wall behind
Affinity. Image: Londonist

The Grosvenor, home to Affinity Brew Co (Stockwell): A cracking craft beer pub that does pizza and has lots of TVs for football. Among the many fab beers on tap, you'll find Affinity brews, which they make right on site. The Grosvenor, open daily

Hither Green Taproom, home of Brockley Brewery: For a long time, Hither Green had very few drinking holes at all — now it has its own taproom! This Brockley Brewery (see above) outpost has deckchairs and firepits in the warmer months. Hither Green Taproom, Fri-Sat

Ignition Brewery (Sydenham): A cute taproom on Sydenham High Street, overseen by this special brewery, which employs and trains people with learning disabilities. You can also hire the taproom for events. Ignition Brewery, Thur-Sat

Brewery taprooms in London: Two pitchers of beer - one hazy, one black
Inkspot. Image: Vincent Vallieres.

The Inkspot Brewery (Streatham Common): A white whale of a brewery, Inkspot is secreted away in a wooded enclave of Streatham Common, only opening a handful of times each year for its 'Shutters Up' events, announced on its social media. The brews are eminently drinkable, and they have great BBQ food, too. But you will need to be sharp to bag a table. Otherwise, Inkspot beers can be found in Streatham's two Art & Craft outlets. The Inkspot Brewery, open a handful of times a year

Kraft, home of German Kraft (Brixton): As the name tells us, teutonic-style beers are the name of the game at Kraft — think helles, unfiltered lager and heffeweissen. This is one of four venues now run by Kraft, so they must be doing something right. (They are, they're making German beer.) Kraft Brixton, Tues-Sun

KANPAI (Peckham): So no, they don't make beer. But yes, KANPAI is technically a brewery with a taproom. It just so happens that this taproom serves sake — and very delicious it is too. Though there are bottles aplenty, make sure you sample some of the brewery's 'namazake' (unfiltered) wares straight from the tap, and paired with pancakes and grilled meats from the kitchen-in-a-hut across the way. KANPAI, Weds-Sun (happy hour 5pm-7pm Weds and Thurs)

Little Faith Beer (Deptford) 12 taps pour a mixture of Little Faith originals (usually including fruity, hazy house pale New Colours), plus a slew of guests. Scran is available to order in from three superb purveyors of pizza, jerk and bahn mi. Little Faith Beer, Weds-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: People eat and drink in a sunny courtyard, backdropped with the Kanpai warehouse, painted with a large geisha-type figure
Kanpai. Image: Londonist

London Beer Lab (Brixton): Beginning as a setup that invited Londoners to try their hand at brewing, London Beer Lab realised it was making some pretty fine stuff, and opened up a taproom peddling a range of their pales and pils, along with guests. They also offer beer tasting sessions, as well as 'brew your own' experiences. London Beer Lab, Tues-Sun

Meantime Brewing Company (North Greenwich): Arguably the spark that ignited craft brewing in this city, Meantime are hardly regarded as the most thrilling beer alchemists today, but their North Greenwich taproom is worth the stroll from the touristy part of Greenwich, plus they stock bottles of their Chocolate Porter — maybe the first ever beer that got us excited... Meantime Brewing Company, Tues-Sun

Mercato Metropolitano, home of German Kraft (Elephant and Castle): The OG setting for Kraft (see above), here's a beautifully put together indoor-outdoor food market, with street food aplenty to go with your helles. Mercato Metropolitano, open daily

Mondo Brewing Company Tap House (Wandsworth Road): The last time we were at Mondo, we were about to head into another lockdown, and the staff started handing out free beer. We can't guarantee that's going to happen on your visit, but we do reckon Mondo's British-American fusion beer is in the top percentile of London brewers — and with 15 taps at any one time, there's ample to pick from. Mondo Brewing Company Tap House, Weds-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: A man pulling pints at a bar, with lots of bottles of beer in a fridge behind him
Orbit. Image: Londonist

Orbit Beers Brewery & Taproom (Walworth): Home of the unimpeachable Tsatsiki Sour (the finest novelty beer known to man), Orbit's stashed away down an alley in the Elephant & Castle/Camberwell hinterlands of Walworth. Not only do they serve fine beers, the grub from Cue Point LDN smells incredible (we didn't get to sample it when we were there) AND there's an N64 for when it's raining/you don't fancy talking to anyone. Orbit Beers Brewery & Taproom, Weds-Sun

Royal Oak (Borough): Not a taproom in the usual sense perhaps, but this legendary Victorian boozer is essentially THE London taproom for Lewes-based ale brewers, Harvey's. As well as the semi-ubiquitous Best Bitter, you can slurp on brews like Old Ale, Armada Ale and IPA. Also enquire about their bottles. And did we mention they do a cracking roast? Royal Oak, open daily

Sambrook's Brewery (Wandsworth): Continuing the tradition of a brewery standing on this site (it started with Young's and continued with Ram), Sambrook's resides in the polished-up Ram Quarter, serving a string of highly acceptable beers on keg and tap, including the famous Wandle pale ale. They also do brewery tours. Sambrook's Brewery, Tues-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: A warehouse building with street art on the doors, and a bar illuminated inside
Southey. Image: Bill Lehane

Signal Brewery & Taproom (Croydon): When a fizzy loganberry doesn't hit the mark after a big Saturday shop at IKEA, Signal — which you'll find on a nearby industrial estate — certainly does. Their range of beers is small, but checks all the right boxes (lager, stout, tropical IPA). It's also one helluva sun trap. Signal Brewery & Taproom, Mon-Sat

SALT Deptford (Deptford): We've not actually made it to SALT Deptford yet, although we have been to the original SALT taproom in Saltaire, and we are huge fans of its brews such as Jute and Huckaback, which have a singularly delicious quality (and no it's not added salt). SALT Deptford, open daily

Southey Brewing (Penge): A glorious old art-smothered warehouse in the backstreets of Penge is the setting for Southey's taproom, where you can slurp pints of Hazy Jesus, while watching it being brewed through a little window in the wall. You can also make a beery afternoon of it by visiting Br3wery (see above) and Three Hounds in Beckenham. Southey Brewing, open daily

Brewery taprooms in London: A pint of Hopback beer
The Sultan. Image: Londonist

The Sultan (Wimbledon): Like the Royal Oak (above), the Sultan is not your common or garden craft beer taproom — but this 1930s roadhouse pub is a veritable showroom for the marvellous cask wares of Wiltshire's Hop Back Brewery, and so it takes its rightful place in our list here. The Sultan, open daily

Taproom SE8 (Deptford): Hop Stuff, formerly based in Woolwich, takes a seat at the increasingly spiffy Deptford Market Yard, serving up a selection of its own brews, plus guest locals. They do pizza too. Taproom SE8, Mon-Sat

Up the Creek (Greenwich): Up the Creek is best known as a comedy club, but did you know there's also a cask microbrewery onsite? Next time you go to see a show here, make sure you accompany it with a Blind Pig Greenwich Blonde or Gravedigger Billie Ruby Dark. Up the Creek, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun

Villages (Deptford): A no nonsense, under-the-arches setup, serving a delicious sweep of their own beers: unfiltered lager, pale ale, fruited sours, porters. Something for all beer drinkers — plus a curated selection of wine and cider from Hop, Burns & Black. Villages, Thurs-Sun

Wimbledon Brewery (Colliers Wood): Taking on the mantle from the first Wimbledon Brewery, which opened in 1832, these modern day successors brew a range of cask and kegged beers — from a London porter to a red ale. Based on a Colliers Wood industrial estate, and partially built from shipping containers, they do brewery tours, cheese and wine pairings and various other events. Wimbledon Brewery, Fri-Sat

Zerodegrees (Blackheath): Starting out in 2000, Zerodegrees were one of the first craft breweries in London, and they're obviously doing something right because almost quarter of a century on, you can still sit among their towering fermenting tanks, and sup pints of their mango beer (made with fresh pulp). This taproom's got a definite restaurant feel to it. Zerodegrees, open daily

East London taprooms

Brewery taprooms in London: Close up of a beer in a branded 40FT glass
40FT. Image: Bill Lehane

40FT Taproom (Dalston): Follow the BBQ meat aromas off Kingsland High Road, to Acme Cult — opposite which sits 40FT, with up to 10 taps pouring beers crafted on site. It's the only brewery we know where they serve you through a hatch. The outdoors space is smashing for sitting and supping away from the chaos of Dalston — plus if you fancy some aged beef kofta, you know where to go. 40FT Taproom, Tues-Sun

Brewhouse & Kitchen Hoxton: A cavernous venue right next to Hoxton station, B&K serves up English style beers (think best bitter, golden ale) along American-inspired brews — and a comprehensive pubby menu to go with. Brewhouse & Kitchen Hoxton, open daily

The Collab (Walthamstow): A second Signature Brew (see Blackhorse Beer mile) offering in this neck of the woods, The Collab is a US-style beer 'n' burgers joint, which naturally serves a span of SB beers. The Collab, open daily

Crate Brewery (Hackney Wick): One of the first craft breweries we visited in London — and still near-unbeatable in its canalside location. Cask, keg, wine, canned cocktails are all in the offing — as is some seriously munchable pizza. Howling Hops (see below) is about 30 seconds away. Crate Brewery, open daily

Deviant & Dandy Brewery (Dalston): 10 lines of D&D's own brews (think hazy IPAs, coffee oatmeal stout, gooseberry sour, everything basically) are accompanied by DJs and guest street food — plus a lovely yard out back. Deviant & Dandy Brewery, Thurs-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: A two-thirds glass of a dank looking beer on an outside table
Hackney Church. Image: Bill Lehane

Five Points Taproom & Courtyard (Hackney): The creators of Railway Porter — one of the most sessionable stouts ever — will forever be in our good books; here you can sup it from the source, and even see it made, on a brewery tour. Street food includes Middle Eastern tacos, and smoked meat. Five Points Taproom & Courtyard, Thurs-Sun

Forest Road Brewing Co (London Fields): There's a proper dive bar atmos to this taproom just off London Fields — what with its pool table, low lighting and walls smothered in Polaroids. We like it. Forest Road Brewing Co, Tues-Sun

Great Beyond Brewing Company (Hoxton): With beers brewed by three friends Ollie, Nick and John, this taproom's got a cosy, home-from-home vibe — what with its post plants, board games, and regular quizzes. Great Beyond Brewing Company, Weds-Sun

Hackney Church Brew Co (Hackney Central): And the award for Best Taproom Ceiling goes to... This stunning under-the-arches brewpub serves classics aplenty (pale ale, west coast IPA, helles) and also some decidedly esoteric numbers (think raspberry and thyme stout). Come for the ceiling and stay for the beer. Or the other way around — it doesn't matter really. Just don't go to the actual Hackney Church by mistake. Hackney Church Brew Co, Weds-Sun

Howling Hops Brewery & Tank Bar (Hackney Wick): It doesn't get more garden fresh than this — Howling Hop pours its range of delicious brews straight out of huge shiny vats; they used to only do 2/3 measures (which we kinda loved) but now understandably also serve pints. Anyway, with Sri Lankan street eats from Kottu House, and Crate (see above) a hop, skip and a jump away — HH is super smashing great. Howling Hops Brewery & Tank Bar, open daily

Husk Brewing (Canning Town): The Docklands can only consider itself 24-carat gentrified when it's got more taprooms like this Husk — peddling edgy brews like the Delivery Tax ginger and juniper saison. They also make a Derelict IPA, a collab with tour guide extraordinaire, Paul Talling — which only makes them go up in our estimation. Husk Brewing, Weds-Sun

Kraft Dalston: Another outpost of this brewery who pour all their love and expertise into German beers (see south London). Kraft Dalston, open daily

Long Arm Sports Pub & Brewery (Shoreditch): A mash-up of American style sports pub and British boozer, Long Arm is worth a shout if you want to catch the match, but not swig p**s poor lager. Lots of great States-styled food too e.g. burgers, nachos, baby back ribs. Long Arm Sports Pub & Brewery, open daily

LOAH (Hackney Wick): LOAH! LOAH! For some reason we hear the name of this non-alcoholic taproom uttered in the voice of Bruce Forsyth. Anyway, with its pours of fruity 0.5% beers, this isn't one for the traditionalists, but a good-to-know for those on the wagon. There's also a little record store. LOAH, Weds-Sun

Brewery taprooms in London: Two glasses of hazy beer with a Rick Roll plaque in front of them
Mikkeller Bar. Image: Londonist

Mikkeller Bar London (Shoreditch) Located just off the main drag of Shoreditch High Street, on a Friday/Saturday evening, this beautiful little bar is practically teeming with people who've drifted in off the street — little do they know they've found one of the most competent beer bars in the area, thanks to a ballsy range of beers from the expert Danish brewers (and NO we are not talking about Carlsberg). BTW if you're wondering what all the Rick rolling plaques are about... he opened the bar, so there you go. A word in your shell-like though, Rick — please sort out the shocking lack of toilets! Mikkeller Bar London, open daily

Mikkeller Brewpub London (Clerkenwell): Another Mikkeller effort (see above) — but they brew here, and do food too. Mikkeller Brewpub London, Mon-Sat

Neckstamper Brewing (Lea Bridge): Another north-east London brewery bringing the liquid nectar, Neckstamper's taproom only opens a couple of times a week, serving their own draft and cans. Their flagship Mizzle NEIPA is named after a mixture of mist and drizzle, although apparently refers to the beer style, rather than the London climate. Neckstamper Brewing, Fri-Sat

Old Street Brewery & Taproom (Hackney Wick): The first thing to bear is mind for this brewery is it's not anywhere near Old Street. That out of the way, there's a real spectrum of suds to sup — from the highly sessionable Caught In the Rain pale ale, to the highly unsessionable 7.2% Vlad the IPAler. Old Street Brewery & Taproom, open daily

Brewery taprooms in London: A taproom with big silver fermenting tanks, and benches in front of them
Pretty Decent Beer Co. Image: M@/Londonist

Pretty Decent Beer Co FG Taproom: (Forest Gate): The original Pretty Decent Beer Co (see Blackhorse Beer Mile) taproom is still pulling pints for the denizens of Forest Gate. Pretty Decent Beer Co FG Taproom, Weds-Sun

Signature Brew Haggerston: Yet another branch of Signature Brew (see Blackhorse Beer Mile), this railway arch taproom regularly hosts live music and open mics, quizzes and the like. Signature Brew Haggerston, open daily

Tap East (Stratford): Opened in time for the 2012 games, Tap East is the only brewpub we know of that lives inside a shopping centre. It's got a fab range of its own cask and keg beers — one of the only places you'll see them. What better place to go for a gasper of Sidney's Stout, after a hard morning's Primarking. Tap East, open daily

Three Colts Tavern, home to Exale (Bethnal Green): This voguish East London boozer is an outpost of the excellent Exale (see Blackhorse Beer Mile), and pulls 14 lines of tank fresh and cask beer. Three Colts Tavern, open daily

West London taprooms

Brewery taprooms in London: Old Fuller's pub signs hanging from a beamed ceiling
Fuller's. Image: Londonist

Black Dog Beer House, home of Fearless Nomad (Brentford): A gorgeous pub with an equally attractive line-up of cask and keg craft beers, the Black Dog also brews its own Fearless Nomad beers here — so be sure to try one (if the sun's out, have it in the delightful garden). Black Dog Beer House, open daily

Fuller's Brewery tour (Chiswick): Look, London Pride doesn't exactly set our knees a-trembling, but Fuller's is a slice of London's brewing heritage, and let's never forget they're behind the legendary Vintage Ale. Although London is really one big Fuller's taproom (well, one big London Pride taproom, anyway), the George and Devonshire is the closest pub to the brewery, meaning extra fresh pints. But why not go one better, by taking the Fuller's brewery tour, at the end of which you get to sup a range of their beers in the private bar/museum. Fuller's Brewery tour, Tues-Sun

Jawbone Brewing (Twickenham): An understated taproom in what may well be an old boat shed, Jawbone is actually located on an island (Swan Island — we wrote about it a few years back), which makes it all the cooler. It's a welcome setup in an area full of trad pubs. P.S. The hefty bar looks like it's dangling from chains, although, spoiler alert, it's actually fixed to the floor. Jawbone Brewing, Thurs-Sat

A large industrial shed with Jawbone Brewing on a sign
Jawbone. Image: Londonist

The Owl & the Pussycat (Northfields): This cosy micropub is home to Ealing Brewing/Marko Paulo, a small scale setup focussing on cask, run by two former teachers. While you're in this neck of the woods, also visit the Dodo micropub (a 30 min walk) if you can. The Owl & the Pussycat, Mon-Sat

The Park Brewery (Kingston upon Thames): 'Sumptuous, juicy' beers are the name of the game at this husband and wife team setup in Kingston. They also do fun things like musical bingo and bank holiday blowouts. The Park Brewery, Thurs-Sat

Rifleman (Twickenham): A proper little pub with darts and a real fire — the twist here being that's it's run by nearby brewery Twickenham Fine Ales, meaning cask pumps (and a couple of kegs) of their own beer are always on here, including the delicious Naked Ladies, named for a nearby water fountain. Rifleman, open daily

Rugby Bar @ Twickenham Fine Ales (Twickenham): Normally, to choose from a range of Twickenham Ales, you'll need to go to the Rifleman (see above). But sometimes, when the rugby's on, the brewery uses it as an excuse to open up their own bar. Well, this is Twickenham after all. Rugby Bar @ Twickenham Fine Ales, open when certain rugby matches are on

Wolfpack Fulham: Another offering from Wolfpack (see north London). Wolfpack Fulham, open daily

Central London taprooms

Taprooms in central London proper are few are far between. In fact there are only really two.

An altar on the left and a pretty glass bar on the right
German Kraft Mayfair. Image: Londonist

German Kraft Mayfair: As far as jaw-dropping drinking/eating venues go, Mercato Mayfair surely takes the biscuit. It feels nigh-on sacrilegious to stand at an altar quaffing beer that's been brewed in the crypt. Even cooler, German Kraft 'altar bar' here is made from 1,500 melted down broken beer glasses. Sign us up. German Kraft Mayfair, open daily

Temple Brew House (Temple): This dive bar style hangout — with live sports on the TV standing in for windows — is obviously doing something right, because it's often packed mid-week. We have to say, last time we came, we didn't even finish our pint. It wasn't off or anything, just not particularly delicious. We'll have to try again sometime. Temple Brew House, Mon-Sat

Pubs with great tap takeovers

Brewery taprooms in London: A beer with a selection of bread and cheese
Beer Merchants Tap. Image: Bill Lehane.

Our pick of the bars doing exceptional — and reasonably regular — tap takeovers.

Craft Beer Cabin (Norwood Junction): A diddy pub by Norwood Junction station which has some of London's best tap takeovers, from masters including DEYA and Beak. Craft Beer Cabin, Weds-Sun

Beer Merchants Tap (Hackney Wick): Adored among beer heads for its 20-odd taps, Beer Merchants are a dab hand at takeovers, which include the lauded likes of Cloudwater. Beer Merchants Tap, open daily

Shirker's Rest (New Cross): Micro/craft pub run by 50% of those naughty Deserter folk which has the scrummiest crisps in town — plus tap takeovers from the ilk of Brick and Moonwake. Shirker's Rest, open daily

Londonist's top 5 London taprooms

Brewery taprooms in London: A glass of IPA with a 'Mitcham' Michelin Man on it
Drop Project: London's second best brewery taproom according to yours truly.

From aaaalllll of the above, if you want our honest opinion on the creme de la creme of London's taprooms, then voila!

5. Mondo Brewing Company, Wandsworth Road - Only been once, but it left a glowing impression. We'll be back for more.
4. Pressure Drop, Tottenham - The sole non-south London brewery on this top five crafts IPAs on a par with some of the tastiest anywhere in the world.
3. Brick Brewery, Peckham - Every time you come here (and we have been a LOT) there's another beer to whack a smile on your face.
2. Drop Project Brewing, Mitcham Junction - Proof that it doesn't matter if you only open your taproom two days a month — you can still show everyone else who's boss.
1. The Kernel, Bermondsey - Every glass of beer is a work of art. Utter legends. Long live Kernel. (Also we appreciate you changing your awkward opening hours Kernel.)

Note: Our designation of a taproom in this article is a venue linked to a specific brewery, and mainly serving beers from said brewery. Craft beer pubs serving a range of brews don't count. While all taproom opening times are accurate at time of writing, it's worth double checking ahead of making a special visit — brewery taprooms can be capricious things.

Have we missed something? London's brewery scene in constantly in flux — if our list needs updating email [email protected]