Best Of Londonist: 4-10 September 2023

Laura Reynolds
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Last Updated 09 September 2023

Best Of Londonist: 4-10 September 2023

Your weekly Londonist roundup, featuring Londony news and features.

When You Start Seeing Roundels Everywhere

One you spot, you just can't stop...

A roundel shaped road
Image: Google Maps

Tower Bridge: Rare Behind-The-Scenes Tours Now On Sale

Including a chance to explore the bascule chambers.

Tower Bridge tour: A huge cavernous space behind the bascules of Tower Bridge

A Map Of London Nicknames: From The Gherkin To The Silicon Roundabout

What would you add to the map?

Nostalgic For The Elephant And Castle Underpass? You Will Be After Watching This Maccabees Video

The ending almost had us weeping...

A man walking through the underpass, its walls lined with colourful tiles

A Chance To Visit The 'Roman' Bath In Strand Lane

One of London's most lied-about attractions.

The plunge pool surrounded by terracotta bricks
Image: Zoe Rimmer via creative commons

Ice Hockey In London: Who Are The Teams, Where To Watch And When's It On?

Puck up your ideas.

An ice hockey match in progress
Image: Alexandra Palace

Review: Kate Berlant's Masterful Show Will Have You Crying With Laughter

Believe the hype ★★★★★

A young woman poses, sat on the floor looking pensive
Image: Emilio Madrid

Myra DuBois Takes Us On Her Perfect Day Out In London

"Look at St Paul's! An icon in the capital! Much like myself."

A drag queen sprawled in front of a lake, wearing a chocking pick gown

An Airport In Hyde Park? It Could Have Happened

1920s proposal envisaged a VERY central aerodrome.

A large bi-plane on the ground, surrounded by people

A Bonkers Alt Tube Map Feat. Clockwork Trains And A Sedan Chair Replacement Service

Zones 8 to 9 are WILD.

Cartoon of a clockwork tube train and a sedan chair replacement service

Tips For Australians In London - From An Australian In London

Zoë Coombs Marr advises.

An escalator with 'stand on the right' written all over it

Origin Of The Faeces: Massive Animal Poo Collection Drops In Kingston

This show's going to make a splash.

A woman holding up animal poo samples in front of Kingston Bridge

East London Could Be Getting This Flashy New Lido

What a beaut.

CGI mock up of the lido fountain