Tower Bridge: Rare Behind-The-Scenes Tours Now On Sale

Tower Bridge: Rare Behind-The-Scenes Tours Now On Sale
Tower Bridge tour: A huge cavernous space behind the bascules of Tower Bridge
The tours include a visit to the bridge's submersed bascule chambers

A series of rare behind-the-scenes tours will take lucky members of the public into the secretive nooks and crannies of one of London's most recognised icons.

Everyone knows Tower Bridge, and many might've even been inside its towers/up onto its glass walkway. But from this November, limited special tours will take visitors into usually-out-of-bounds areas, including the bridge control room (where a joystick is used to raise and lower the bridge's bascules for ships), machinery room, and the cavernous bascule chambers submerged beneath the Thames (which we've always thought would make an excellent race-against-the-clock-for-James-Bond-to-escape-from scene).

Tower Bridge tour: Two guides showing Victorian machinery
You'll have the chance to explore the bridge's usually-off-limits machinery room

The behind-the-scenes tours kick off on 4 November 2023, and run till March 2024. Tickets, we must point out, are not cheap — it's £75 per for an adult ticket (various concessions are available), although that does also include access to the usual Tower Bridge visitor experience, plus a souvenir guidebook. Booking is open right now, and we imagine slots will be snaffled promptly.

Tower Bridge tour: A person walking down a long brick-lined staircase
The special tours are only taking place for two days.

Tower Bridge behind-the-scenes-tour, 4 November 2023 -24 March 2023

Last Updated 20 September 2023

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