Then And Now: Photos Of The Thames Recreated

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Then And Now: Photos Of The Thames Recreated

In another series of wonderful comparison images, TimeViews blog compares the Thames of long ago with the same views today.

Then-and-now comparisons are, of course, nothing new — you'll find dozens on our site alone, along with the Londonist Memory Machine Facebook group. However, Steve has got the practice down to a fine art, usually hitting the same angle and depth-of-field.

If you enjoy these comparison shots of the Thames, take a look at his previous article on tube stations.

1. Greenwich, looking towards Cutty Sark, 1972 and 2020

This comparison is so compelling for its minor changes. While the buildings, and notably the famous tea clipper, look similar in both eras, the eye is drawn to missing chimney pots and aerials, and the gentrification of the businesses.

2. Lambeth Pier, looking north, 1953 and 2017

Here, the view is broadly similar, but note the looming presence of the London Eye, and the change in style of the phone box.

Max Leonard

3. Tower Bridge, 1893 and 2018

A classic view of the iconic bridge under construction. The angle is confirmed by the presence of the Anchor Brewhouse, to the right of both pictures.

Victoria Embankment, 1947 and 2020

He couldn't recreate the snow, but the modern photographer has captured something of the hazy glow from the earlier image.

Wolf Suschitzky

5. Cleopatra's Needle sphinx, 1910 and 2019

Fog or photographic limitations obscure the background in the earlier photograph, but we can be sure it looked nothing like that of the modern counterpart. The scene would be devastated by a few years later in one of the first world war's first bomber raids.

EO Hoppe.

6. Waterloo Bridge, 1920s and 2017

Easily the most-changed view in this short compilation. The industrial towers of the South Bank are long gone, replaced by cultural institutions. Meanwhile, the commercial skyscrapers of the City now dominate. Waterloo Bridge itself was replaced during the 1930s and 40s (we've been tracking down its remains).

The TimeViews site contains dozens of further examples and new ones are added regularly.

Last Updated 02 August 2022