Stock Images Of London That'll Make You Weep

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Stock Images Of London That'll Make You Weep

1. The only five Millennials who've yet to work out how to take a selfie

2. This couple are amazing at holding their biplane pose...

...they maintain it through all weathers...

...all over London...

3. Wonder if they noticed these munchkin graduates, who look elated to be standing next to exactly the same bus at exactly the same moment

4. This grinagog businessman loves to stare manically at St Thomas's Hospital while leafing through a poorly disguised copy of TimeOut...

"They call me... Big Ben".

5. When the model agency asks you to pose as a City trader in a London red phone box, but you're currently working as a bluecoat at Prestatyn Pontins

6. That malicious rictus of joy that comes from defacing the signs at Westfield

7. Britain's answer to Friends. In truth, nobody's heart was really in it.

8. Oh dear god

All images from Shutterstock, whose licence agreement probably forbids this kind of thing. Londonist does not condone defacing the signs at Westfield, particularly if our commercial team are currently negotiating an advertising package with the company.

Last Updated 20 August 2018