Londonist Now On Show In London Bridge Station

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Londonist Now On Show In London Bridge Station

Passing through London Bridge rail station? Keep an eye on the digital information boards.

Londonist is running a mini-exhibition across five of the screens during the first two weeks of November.

The exhibition includes our popular Anglo Saxon map of London, the family tree of London bollards, montages of statues, a visualisation of the city's birdlife, and the ever-popular How Deep Does London Go? Each was created by Londonist Editor-at-Large Matt Brown (@mattfromlondon).

The screens are in no fixed location, and will move around the the mainline station during the fortnight.

The display was arranged by the wonderful arts organisation Beyond Platform 7, with help from Network Rail. The exhibition forms part of London Bridge Live Station, an ongoing series of installations, performances and events to bring some cheer to the busy terminus.

Follow along on #LBLiveStation.

Last Updated 30 October 2017