Human Snails Crawl Into Aldgate Square

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Last Updated 12 December 2022

Human Snails Crawl Into Aldgate Square
A sculpture of a snail shell with human legs

Aldgate Square has some new residents — half human half snail.

This bizarre gathering of anthropomorphic molluscs is the work of artist Jocelyn McGregor. It’s the first installation in a new public sculpture programme called the Aldgate Square Commission. A second piece by Emii Alrai will replace it next year.

A collection of snail sculptures on rocks - with human limbs protruding from the shells

Called Earthling, McGregor's installation features a group of gastropods lounging around on a heap of stones. Each one has a human limb in place of the usual slimy body. The sculpture, we're told, "acts like a fantastical magnifying glass to explore interconnections between the synthetic and organic worlds in urban spaces, with the human body as the conduit between the two".

A snail sculpture with a pink-banded shell and a human hand

It's a striking piece that will have passers-by slowing to a snail's pace to admire the odd combination. Kids will be all over the unlikely human-snail hybrids.

Snails clamber on a stone wall with a leafy square behind

Let's just hope their aren't any giant thrushes lurking in those trees.