Attenborough And Franklin Together On One London Mural

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Attenborough And Franklin Together On One London Mural

At which station can you see a painting of DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin peeking over the shoulder of David Attenborough?

Answer: West Dulwich.

This splendid 'Wall of Heroes' mural is the work of local artist Marlon Brown. The 2011 artwork covers one side of a shop building next to the entrance of the station.

Those featured on the wall are all big names of science, mostly natural history.

Top row: Andrew Benson, Gregor Mendel, David Attenborough, Rosalind Franklin
Middle row: Peter Scott, Carl Sagan, Erwin Chargaff, Rachel Carson, Maurice Wilkins
Bottom row: Gerald Durrell, Patrick Moore

The mural continues around the corner onto the so-called Wild Wall. This features three eminent naturalists: Carl Linnaeus, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace (added latterly).

This section is festooned with life — microorganisms, fungi, birds, plants, mammals, fish... the lot.

The mural and nearby green spaces are looked after by New Leaf, which offers education, training and employment to adults aged 16+ by creating educational gardens.

Last Updated 21 May 2018