Gigantic 17,500 Square Metre Artwork Unveiled In Hackney

Harry Rosehill
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Gigantic 17,500 Square Metre Artwork Unveiled In Hackney

Street artist and Banksy collaborator, Ben Eine, has unveiled a colossal artwork — all 17,500 square metres of it.

Where to fit an artwork of such gargantuan proportions? On the ground of some unused industrial land in east London of course.

2,850 litres of paint went into the piece, which amounts to four tonnes. That's heavier than an adult hippo. The piece is so large that Eine could only check on its progress using drone footage shot from above.

The piece is a collaboration with lighter brand Zippo, and they're selling miniature versions of the artwork on lighters. Also involved are the prolific Global Street Art Agency, who've left their mark on the city before.

Take a look at the making of the artwork here:

Last Updated 22 January 2018