North London Housing Estate Covered In Street Art

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 63 months ago
North London Housing Estate Covered In Street Art
Gary and Pref

Global Street Art covering London in fantastic murals is nothing new. Then they decided to narrow their focus and do a year long project focusing on just one housing estate. The result: Chalk Farm Housing Estate in Camden is now bursting with colour and creativity.

The Doodle Man

Talented street artists from across the globe have joined forces to create this al fresco art gallery. They hail from as far as Argentina and Malaysia, but the project also showcases London artists.  


Local residents love the additions, which bring brightness and vibrancy to the estate.


Walls, houses and garages offer the artists flexible canvases to work on, something there is a dearth of in London, especially from a legal standpoint.

Sokar Uno

Each artist's personal experience and background shines through in their work — neon signs, wild flowers, psychedelic animals and manga-esque characters all rubbing shoulders.

Hicks & Hicks
Valeria Lattore

Last Updated 02 February 2017