A David Attenborough Mural Has Appeared In East London

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A David Attenborough Mural Has Appeared In East London

"And here, we see the urban artist @ketones6000 busy at work in his natural habitat..."

We caught Jerome AKA @ketones6000 adding the finishing touches to this mural of naturalist god David Attenborough.

Fittingly, the painting — which has taken around two days to complete — can be found adorning the side of a tropical fish shop, on St Matthew's Row, east London.

"It stops me from doing the bad things," the artist explained to the shop owner, as he came out for a look.

This isn't the first time the urban artist has used the building as his canvas; the Attenborough effort covers his previous work, which paid tribute to the first world war's fallen heroes (in fact the poppies from the old mural have been woven into its successor):

Neither is this the first Attenborough street art tribute. You can also see him as part of a 'wall of heroes' in West Dulwich.

Attenborough in good company, in West Dulwich

And, as chance would have it, if you turn the corner onto Bethnal Green Road, you come across this establishment:

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