NONSENSE Headlines The Daily Express Has Written About SNOW This Month

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NONSENSE Headlines The Daily Express Has Written About SNOW This Month
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What's the weather going to be like at Christmas? If you're an Express reader, then you're probably preparing for ARMAGEDDON.

Every day, publishes UP TO SIX STORIES about the weather forecast. Each is carefully crafted to BATTER the emotions, yet also to appeal to search engines.

Here, then, are the best BRUTAL SNOW HELL CHAOS stories taken from the Express website, with capitalisation faithfully recorded. We'll leave it up to you to assess the HONESTY of each headline.

1 December

UK weather forecast: 40-day 'Arctic Bubble' set to envelope Britain triggering icy chaos

2 December

UK snow forecast: -14C Arctic blast to bring a MONTH of snow and ice as deep freeze hits

3 December

We can't decide between:

London weather forecast: Shock chart shows HUGE snowstorm hitting capital or UK snow forecast: Terrifying chart shows Britain COVERED by 17 INCHES in election blizzard

4 December

Cold weather long-range forecast: BRUTAL bone-chilling cold snap to engulf UK with -10°C

5 December

UK snow forecast: Staggering maps show HEAVY SNOW blanketing UK next week

Enjoy being worried by the weather? There's plenty more where that story came from...

6 December

UK snow forecast: Heavy snow to blanket UK till CHRISTMAS — storm unleashed -20°C deep freeze

7 December

UK weather forecast: Monster Storm Atiyah to unleash 2-day weather HELL — Met Office alert

8 December

UK snow forecast: worrying map reveals a FORTNIGHT of widespread heavy snow

9 December

UK snow forecast MAP: Hellish SNOW STORM to cause election chaos

10 December

UK weather forecast: Mammoth 70mph gales to sweep battered Britain in bitter icy chill

11 December

UK snow forecast: SHOCK chart shows heavy snow to SMASH Britain on election day

12 December

UK weather warning: FIVE Christmas storms to smash Britain - Polar blast sparks HEAVY SNOW

13 December

UK snow forecast: Charts show snow to blitz Britain as nation awaits weekend DEEP FREEZE

14 December

BBC weather forecast: Britain braces for snow as nation set to be battered by 60mph winds

15 December

UK weather forecast: Snow to BLANKET the nation, with more warnings in force for icy chaos

16 December

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of dangerous ICE as severe weather warning issued

17 December

UK weather forecast: Horror 70mph winds to batter Britain amid icy snow blast - Met Office

18 December

UK weather CHAOS: Met Office issues FIVE severe warnings for next FOUR days

19 December

UK weather forecast: Arctic blast to batter Britain with two months of snow - new maps

20 December

UK weather warning: Ferocious ATLANTIC BOMB to crash into Britain - Met Office alert

21 December

UK snow forecast MAP: Horror 65mph SNOWSTORM to smash into UK on New Year's Eve

22 December

Saharan dust storm blocks out sun as freak weather engulfs Europe

23 December

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of Christmas chaos as 81 flood warnings issued in UK

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