Old Posters From 1997 Revealed In Moorgate Tube

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Old Posters From 1997 Revealed In Moorgate Tube

Head down into Moorgate tube station at the moment, and you'll enter a timewarp. The removal of interior panelling has revealed this series of posters dating back to the 1980s. (UPDATE: The one above, which we couldn't originally identify, shows Christ Tarrant advertising his breakfast show on 95.8 Capital FM, to promote the new earlier start time of his radio show in 1997. Thanks to reader Nicholas Lam.)

Perhaps the best preserved is this poster for the V&A's Cutting Edge exhibition. This ran from 6 March to 27 July 1997. You may remember those months as the heady days when a fresh-faced Tony Blair swept into power.

This panel presents a montage of defunct adverts, like an undergraduate's décollage project. What can we see here? The most obvious item is at the bottom, a poster for We Think The World Of You. Starring Alan Bates and Gary Oldman, the film was released in 1988. The date is confirmed by the blue poster, top-right, which announces Gerard Depardieu's Drôle d'endroit pour une Rencontre, released in the same year. As for the saucy couple or the other scraps, we're not sure. Any ideas?

Here's a selection of adverts for the British Museum (and British Library, which was housed within the museum until it moved to Euston Road in 1998). We can't identify the exhibitions shown top-left, but the one below refers to the Ancient Faces: Mummy Portraits show, which ran in 1997. The poster at the top right is for Printmaking in Paris: Picasso and his Contemporaries, another 1997 show.

Here we have a general poster for Museum of London (left), which must date from around or after 2004, because it includes the silhouette of the Gherkin. Over the top is pasted a bill for the Calling Festival 2007, easily identified by the lineup. The right-side poster dates from the same era, and advertises An American's Passion For British Art, which showed off works collected by Paul Mellon, at the Royal Academy in 2007.

And finally, the main poster here shows an advert for the Royal Opera. It appears to date from 1989. Note the '01' phone number at the bottom.

Elsewhere on the station, posters have been revealed for Starlight Express (ran 1988-2002), the film City of Industry (1997) and a Selfridges ad from 1997.

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