7 Amazing Facts About London's Housing Estates

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7 Amazing Facts About London's Housing Estates

It's also said that the huge block is shaped like a swastika from above. It's not.

The estate was built on the site of a notorious slum called the Old Nichol. The rubble of demolition still lies beneath the mound of Arnold Circus, at the hub of the estate.

They wouldn't be the last in the area, which was almost completely destroyed during the war. This plaque can be found on Fore Street.

The Aylesbury is depicted as a windswept, grubby place, much to the chagrin of residents. An independent remake has been filmed by Nick Street to celebrate a more positive side to this estate.

Although much of the filming for the sci-fi show takes place in Cardiff, London's Brandon Estate was chosen for its track-record of welcoming film crews. Previous shoots include Spooks, Silent Witness and The Bill.

You'll spot it in 28 Weeks Later, Kingsman: The Secret Service and recent drama London Spy, among others. From the adjacent rail bridge, the estate resembles a football stand.

The estate is home to 25,000 people.

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