7 Amazing Facts About London's Car Parks

Will Noble
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7 Amazing Facts About London's Car Parks

How many of these facts did you know about London's car parks?

The Zidpark near Southwark Bridge was another such failed automatic car park of the 60s.

Next time you're eating your sandwiches on the grass, remember there are up to 450 cars underneath you.

Olympia also hosted the first computer exhibition in the UK, in 1958.

Now it's a multi-story (Guinness) filling station.

The tariffs for the Covent Garden car park above are hardly a steal either.

English Heritage listed the car park in 2002, describing it as an "important example of early motoring history".

A local newspaper subsequently published a map of Sutton's 'sauciest streets'.

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Last Updated 18 May 2016


Why is St. Nichols favoured for porn shoots? Convenience to studios, ability to hire a section of it, open air top level, the type of cars usually parked there?