Find Out When We'll Be Getting A Star Trek Warp Drive

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Find Out When We'll Be Getting A Star Trek Warp Drive

How close are we to building a warp drive, a phaser or a holographic doctor? Over the past half century, Star Trek has stirred the imagination with its vision of future technologies.

Star Trek Reality Check, an evening event at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, will explore the science and tech that underpins the show, currently celebrating its 50th anniversary with a new film and series on their way.

Some gadgets seem far off: we won't be boldly going to other star systems any time soon, nor are we close to human teleportation. Other ideas now seem old hat: witness the stack of chunky iPad things in Captain Sisko's office.

Meanwhile, we're close to cracking universal voice translation, badge-style communication and augmented/virtual reality to the point where Next Generation episode The Game has renewed currency.

Star Trek Reality Check, Royal Observatory Greenwich, 16 June 2016, 7pm. Tickets are £8.The event makes use of the observatory's planetarium to bring the world of Star Trek to life.

Last Updated 07 April 2016