Explore London In Early Video Games

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Explore London In Early Video Games

Assassin's Creed Syndicate is just the flashiest in a long line of computer and video games set in London. From today, the Museum of London runs a temporary exhibition looking at the early games set in the capital, including playable versions of four.

Shown above is Broken Sword II (1997), which featured scenes in the long-abandoned British Museum station. Other sections are set in the museum itself, and at a wharf near Tower Bridge. The graphics are a bit shaky by modern standards, but a giant leap on from Werewolves of London (1987), below, which we have fond memories of playing on the Acorn Electron (ask your granddad).

Still further back, and many games were text only. Here's Hampstead (1984):

Ah, the 1980s, when one could belittle council estates and make light of indecent exposure without incurring a Twitterstorm.

These three games, plus an even less-sophisticated text game called Streets of London (1982) can be freely played at Museum of London until 28 April.

The exhibition also includes screenshots of other classic games, such as London Racer (1999), which offers an 'almost cinematic experience to the player' (right).

The London in Video Games exhibition coincides with London Games Festival (1-10 April).

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Last Updated 17 March 2016