London Looks Gorgeous And Grim In Assassin's Creed Previews

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London Looks Gorgeous And Grim In Assassin's Creed Previews

The latest instalment of Assassin's Creed is out later this month. More importantly, it's filled to the crown of its top hat in Victorian London. A series of preview videos shows just gorgeous and grimy Victorian London could look.

River and bridges

This fly-through takes a trip along the Thames. Amid the barges, warehouses and chimneys of billowing smoke, numerous landmarks can be seen. The previous incarnation of London Bridge (now in Arizona) has returned in all its glory. Victorian sailors shout and wave as they pass beneath Southwark Bridge. Cannon Street and Blackfriars rail bridges loom large, while Westminster Bridge is dimly perceived through the fog.

Famous faces

Not only do you get to run around a recreated Victorian London, you also have the chance to meet some familiar faces. Bell, Marx, Darwin, Dickens, Nightingale and even Queen Victoria play roles in the game.

Lambeth scenes

Another teaser shows scenes from Lambeth, including an asylum, an apothecary, a tavern and various goings-on in the grubby streets.

Westminster chase

And here's a glimpse of the gameplay, with a high-speed chase-and-fight through the streets of Westminster.

An eagle flyover

Finally, to generate some further buzz, the game makers strapped a camera to an eagle and sent it soaring over modern day London. Yes, really.

More videos and visuals, plus a map of Victorian London, can be found over here.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate is out 23 October for Xbox, PS4 and PC. We'll have a review up in the near future.

Last Updated 16 October 2015