Richard Dawkins On Evolution: Get Tickets To A Free Talk

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Richard Dawkins On Evolution: Get Tickets To A Free Talk

Catch some free talks from some of the world's most famous academics during February and March.

We've put Richard Dawkins as the headline act cos, well, so did the press release, and we both need an attention grabber... but in truth any of the speakers in this upcoming series is equally worthy of your time. New College of the Humanities's optimistically named Spring Season presents talks from such luminaries as philosopher and novelist Rebecca Goldstein and cognitive scientist Steven Pinker.

Tickets are free, but must be booked in advance.

1 February: Richard Dawkins — Evolutionary biology for non-scientists
9 February: Simon Blackburn — Moral luck and the peculiarity of blame
22 February: Suzannah Lipscomb — The mystery of Henry VIII’s Will
26 February: Rebecca Goldstein — Plato, Godel and mathematics
29 February: Steven Pinker — From neurons to consciousness
14 March: Daniel C Dennett — Ontology, science and the evolution of the manifest image

Talks take place at Senate House or the New College of Humanities, both in Bloomsbury.

Image via New College of the Humanities.

Last Updated 18 January 2016