Famous People Who Died In London... Mapped

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Famous People Who Died In London... Mapped

Did you know that Judy Garland and Ingrid Bergman took their last breaths in London? That Charles II died a few metres from the site of his father's execution? That Mama Cass and The Who drummer Keith Moon departed this world from the same flat (owned by fellow musician Harry Nilsson)? Meanwhile, the brand new apartment complex known as Fitzroy Place might just be haunted by the clumsy poltergeist of Inspector Clouseau. For those who are curious about such things, we've made a map showing where 50 famous people spent their last moments as Londoners.

Of course, there are hundreds of further additions we could make to the map, and we're more than willing to update it. Please add suggestions in the comments (we need a precise location, not just 'Chelsea' or 'Mayfair'), especially for south London, which seems to have been shunned by the ailing rich and famous.

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Sol Carmona

Sigmund Freud is missing..

Joe Slavin

So no one famous lived and died Southeast of the river?? Is there a fountain of youth in Peckham or something?


You shamelessly forgot to mark Bon Scott in East Dulwich :(

Malcolm Edwards

Ray Harryhausen, Hammersmith Hospital, 7th May 2013.

Howard Scott

Karl Marx, William Blake, Freddie Mercury..


George II, he died on the throne, didn't he?


How about Spencer Perceval? Died in the lobby of the House of Commons in 1812 - only British PM to have been assassinated.


One of the world's greatest composers Mr George Frideric Handel died at 25 Brook Street in 1759
Is entombed in Westminster Abbey.


Christopher Marlow, Deptford.


According to your map, no one dies in Southwark. Perhaps the council can advertise that fact

William Benson

John Rich, Built the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden & founder of the Sublime Society of Beefsteaks (aka what Hawksmoor restaurant print on all their menu's) Not that this is perhaps a good thing but he was the Simon Cowell of the day https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
Died 1761 buried in Hillingdon Cemetary
Image can be used, it's mine.

Scott Rosser

Albert Speer, Nazi minister of war production. Died on a visit to London in 1981.

Aunti Christ-ine

Brian Epstein (of The Beatles), 24 Chapel St, Belgravia.
(Walking distance from Judy Garland and Vivien Leigh, two ladies he knew.)
In 1967, ironically on the same day this article was posted, August 27.


Modern and recent.. David Guest. Continental Hotel canary wharf April 12 2016


Jimi Hendrix died in the hospital I was born in. St Mary Abbots Hospital, Marloes Rd, Kensington now sadly no longer there...luxury flats occupy the site.

Dyna Girl

Samuel Pepys died on May 26th 1703 in a house on the 'north side of Clapham Common' on a site now occupied by the Trinity Hospice.

Martin Hyndman

Musician Graham Bond (1937-1974), a key figure in the English rhythm and blues boom of the 1960s, died at Finsbury Park station (N4) on 8 May 1974

Mark Bannister

Joe Meek, committed suicide on 3/2/67 after killing his landlady, at 304 Holloway Road