The Births And Deaths Of English Monarchs... Mapped

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The Births And Deaths Of English Monarchs... Mapped

A map showing where every post-Conquest King and Queen was born and died.

Green dotted pins show a place of birth; red pins show a place of death; yellow pins show the birthplaces of the two individuals in direct line to the throne. Red skull and crossbones show where pre-Conquest kings died (where known... records can be sketchy from this period).

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As can be seen from a casual glance, the royal family spawned and expired all over northern Europe. Here are a few observations about monarchical goings-on in London.

  • The first monarch born in London was Edward I, who first saw light in Westminster Palace in 1239.
  • The first monarch to die in London was Henry III, who passed away in Westminster Palace in 1272.
  • The last monarch to die in London was Edward VII, who breathed his last in Buckingham Palace in 1910. His final words: "I am very glad," after hearing that his horse had won at Kempton Park.
  • The last monarch to be born in London was Elizabeth II, who was a Mayfair girl. Her birthplace on Bruton Street is marked with a plaque.
  • The most regal births in one place is claimed by St James' Palace, with five (Charles II, James II, Mary II, Anne, George IV). It was also the last haunt of Mary I.
  • The most fatal building for monarchs is Kensington Palace, where four kings and queens met their ends (George II, William III, Mary II, Anne). In addition, Victoria was born here.
  • 13 monarchs were born in Westminster.
  • Elizabeth II is the only UK or English monarch to die in Scotland.

Notes for pedants

  • We're aware that the realms these people controlled varied in name and geography over the centuries, but we're using 'England' as a sensible if somewhat inaccurate shorthand. Sorry if that irks anyone.
  • We've gone back before the Norman Conquest only a little, to show places of death of the last few kings. Places of birth are not always known. Check out Kingston-on-Thames, though, for right-royal connections before the Plantagenets took hold.
  • We left off Jane Grey as her title is disputed. She was born in Leicestershire and died (famously) at the Tower of London.
  • No, we're not mapping all the marriages as well.

Last Updated 09 September 2022