Elephant And Castle Roundabout Is No More

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 26 months ago
Elephant And Castle Roundabout Is No More
Photo by RE5URRECTIONI5T from the Londonist Flickr pool

There are two big bits of transport news coming up to tell you about. The first one is that Elephant and Castle's northern roundabout will be no more as of 5am Sunday morning. Instead, traffic will run two ways.

The roadworks at Elephant and Castle have been causing logjams — City AM published a photo last week showing a 'busipede' circling the roundabout — so hopefully the new layout will reduce congestion. Commuters should also expect an increase in confusion during rush hour as everyone gets used to the new system. (Notable points: traffic won't be able to turn left from Newington Causeway into New Kent Road, nor turn right from New Kent Road into Newington Causeway.)

Many of the safety elements of this notorious accident blackspot — pedestrian crossings, separated cycle lanes and a 20mph speed limit — won't be in place until early next year. Do let us know in the comments what the changes are like in the meantime; to be honest we'll be avoiding the area for a while.

Elsewhere, in thank god finally news, Central line trains will stop at Tottenham Court Road station from Monday morning. Work to upgrade the station ahead of Crossrail has been going on forever (OK, contractors have been doing things since 2010 but it's the last two years that have really got under passengers' feet) and everything should be done and dusted by next year. If you want a sneak peek, take a look at our video going behind the scenes.

Putting TCR back on the Central line will be a relief to anyone who's tried to use Oxford Circus in the last year. The station has been officially closed for overcrowding 113 times, which doesn't even include times when particular entrances were closed or the station was switched to interchange and exit only.

Last Updated 08 December 2015


Another total waste of money by the mayor and his push bike loving cronies

Anonymous Widower

I don't drive, but on Thursday and Sunday, I went to Elephant and Castle by Northern Line, took a busy lift to the surface and then walked across to the Bakerloo Line station.

The difference between the two days was a lot more than can be explained by a weekend.

I can't wait until there's a proper cafe with outdoor tables in the middle.

It's certainly good for pedestrians and probably cyclists.


Absolute chaos there this morning... Only TFL could spend such a huge amount of money and make everything a lot WORSE than it was before!! Useless!