Video: Inside The New Tottenham Court Road Central Line

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 38 months ago
Video: Inside The New Tottenham Court Road Central Line

From early December 2015, Central line trains will be stopping at Tottenham Court Road once again.

Ahead of that, we descended into the depths of the station, to see how things are shaping up with the new ticket hall and entrances. We also saw some other parts of the construction that won't be finished until next year.

And as for those Paolozzi mosaics? 70% of them are being kept, including the 'rotunda room' — an old lift shaft that now creates an excellent echo.

Explains heritage manager for TfL, Mike Ashworth: "At platform level we've had to do significant works and move whole sections of mosaics into new positions.

"But something we've not moved is the rotunda, which is entirely intact and we’ve worked hard to restore it. It's where people like having their photo taken amongst the nightlife of Soho which was, of course, Paolozzi's inspiration for the works here."

This isn't the completion of the Crossrail works at Tottenham Court Road, merely the next phase in the expansion of the station. At some point during 2016, new sections, including larger corridors for more passenger capacity, and a new entrance on Dean Street, will be added in.

Last Updated 26 November 2015

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