The Best Of Edmonton In Photos

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Last Updated 03 February 2017

The Best Of Edmonton In Photos
The chapel at Edmonton Cemetery in the mist last weekend. Edmonton Cemetery was in the news recently when one of the Hatton Garden robbers led police to part of the stash hidden there. Photo: Londonist

This week, we're taking a trip through the camera lens to Edmonton, N9, and surrounding areas in the Borough of Enfield. From green fields and graveyards to high rise flats, it's a varied terrain in this neck of the woods, as these photos depict. Notable past residents have included poet John Keats (there's a plaque dedicated to him on Church Street) and sibling authors Charles and Mary Lamb.

Choo choo! This wooden train can be found at Angel Gardens at the end of Rays Road (which we featured in our London's Little Gardens series). In a short space of time, this area went from wasteland to a community recreation ground. Photo: Rachel Holdsworth

Edmonton Green railway station — previously known as Lower Edmonton station, is situated across the road from Edmonton Green shopping centre, with direct trains to Liverpool Street. Photo: Paul Sweeney

Buses at rest near the River Lea Navigation. Photo: Tom

Edmonton incinerator (AKA London EcoPark) seen from the North Circular at night. The plant burns waste to provide energy for the National Grid, and is currently Britain's largest incinerator, burning waste from seven London boroughs. Photo: roadscum

Edmonton Green bus station, looking slightly bat-like at night. It was rebuilt in recent years, and in doing so, the pedestrian bridge which featured in the rollerskating episode of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em was demolished. Photo: LFaure Photography

The three towers of the Edmonton Green Estate, which sit on top of the Edmonton Green Shopping Centre, seen from Edmonton Jewish Cemetery. Looking east from the flats of the upper floors gives views over King George Reservoir. Photo: Will Faichney Photography

And here's the cemetery from above. Photo: Alan Denney

Gate to a church in Upper Edmonton. Photo: David Ramkalawon

Another shot of Edmonton Green shopping centre, taken from near Edmonton Green station. Photo: Tetramesh