London Transport Geek? You Need This Magazine

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London Transport Geek? You Need This Magazine

Will London ever have driverless tubes? What colour will the Crossrail roundel be? How might the Croydon Tramlink expand? If these are the type of questions that exercise your brain, then you need to subscribe to London Reconnections magazine.

For the past nine years, London Reconnections website has provided unique, in-depth and articulate essays about London transport. It has built such a community that the typical article attracts hundreds of comments.

This kind of success brings increasing overheads. Rather than fill its site with adverts, LR has decided to bring out a magazine every two months. Each issue will include highlights from the website (which will remain free of advertising), but also boast original long-format articles concerning London transport.

The first issue includes pieces about the Underground's typeface, London's cycling revolution, the building of Crossrail's running tracks, the debate about taxi operations, a history of London's roads, rail devolution and an exclusive interview with TfL's recently departed Commissioner Peter Hendy. It also looks bloody gorgeous, as the shots above attest.

An annual print subscription (including free digital issues) is £40, while digital-only is £15.

Last Updated 17 August 2015