Old London Footage Added To YouTube

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Old London Footage Added To YouTube

Thousands of historic video clips, many featuring London, have just been released on YouTube. The Associated Press (AP) and Movietone have together uploaded over half a million videos, representing over a million minutes of footage.

Those looking for imagery of London will not be disappointed. The mother lode contains plenty of vintage footage, such as Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee of 1897 and shots of horse-drawn buses. But you'll also find more recent videos, such as pictures of the 2012 Olympic torch, and a look at Bompas and Parr serving up whale vomit.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Witness Marilyn Monroe's arrival in Croydon:

Or see a Nazi funeral on The Mall (photo above)

Ponder shifts of language with a 1958 piece called Soho So Gay!

And see an emotional farewell to London's last tram (before Croydon was part of London).

The YouTube channel will be continuously updated with new videos from AP. The venture follows in the footsteps of British Pathé, which last year uploaded 85,000 short films to YouTube.

Last Updated 25 July 2015