Guaranteed Grins At Greenwich Comedy Festival

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 41 months ago
Guaranteed Grins At Greenwich Comedy Festival

Henning Wehn will be at the festival with his face

With every upstairs of every pub in London now booked solid for Edinburgh previews, we're already looking forward to the capital's post-August shenanigans — and in this case, the Greenwich Comedy Festival.

Whereas Fringe comedy can be like playing mirth Russian roulette, Greenwich Comedy Festival — which runs from 16-20 September — promises nowt but sure-fire laughs. We're talking the ilk of Have I Got News For You stalwart Reginald D Hunter, Greggs-worshipping Luisa Omielan, Teutonic weirdo Henning Wehn, London-lover Andrew Maxwell, and should-be Poet Laureate Tim Key. Actually the line up is pretty ridiculous, and we suggest you check out the full programme.

Three or four comedians will perform their shtick at each show, with multiple shows each day, doled out between The Big Top and The Apple Top stages.

Yes, you read that correctly — The Apple Top. Thanks to a particular brand of Irish cider, the festival isn't going for the apple theme by halves (there's also an orchard bar — a 'cider-centric oasis'). All this leads us to reason that it might be difficult to get an actually decent pint of cider here. Luckily, the comedy should prove intoxicating enough.

Greenwich Comedy Festival runs from 16-20 September. Tickets are on sale now, and will probably sell out faster than you can say "German Comedy Ambassador".

Last Updated 02 July 2015