Weird Cat-Dragon Thing Terrorises Marble Arch

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Weird Cat-Dragon Thing Terrorises Marble Arch

This four-tonne beast recently appeared next to Marble Arch.


As a wise man once said, "What the actual f*ck?"

The menacing miscreation is the work of artist Dashi Namdakov. Here he is, standing before the work, known as She Guardian.


Part cat, part dragon, part Zuul, the bronze work stands 11 metres tall and is clearly brilliant at scaring off pigeons, and probably little children. Here's how Westminster City Council describes it:

A deeply mystical and fantastical sculpture, She Guardian is a powerful feline defender with blade-sharp wings that rear menacingly behind her back. Her snarling jaws and ready claws speak of a primeval urge to attack anyone who might threaten those she protects.

The piece replaces the equally menacing likeness of an equestrian Genghis Khan, also by Namdakov.

She Guardian was commissioned by Halcyon Gallery and Westminster City Council for the Westminster City of Sculpture programme.

Last Updated 13 May 2015

Clunking Fist

Looks cool! But no mention of how much it cost...

Tracey Waters

LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I think it's fantastic and about bloody time we had some darker art instead of all this nicey nice stuff. life is about balance and if we can't accept the darker side then we won't get anywhere

peter watson

Satan's having a field day in Albion.


rothschild approved...

Dan Keown

Great. A demonic statue in a city terrorised by elite paedo rings. Move on, nothing to see here.