Timetable For Tube Ticket Office Closures Announced

Rachel Holdsworth
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Timetable For Tube Ticket Office Closures Announced

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Transport for London (TfL) has released a timetable for "ticket hall scheduled transformation". We ran that through Google Translate, from the "PR wank" setting to "plain English" and came up with "ticket office closures".

You'll remember that TfL wants to close the vast majority of ticket offices at tube stations and turn the remainder into travel information centres. The first ticket offices to be "transformed" — sorry, closed — will be Chigwell, Embankment, Queensway, Roding Valley, Shepherd's Bush, South Wimbledon, Temple, Theydon Bois and Upminster Bridge, starting in February. TfL reckons 85% of the work will be finished by the end of 2015, with the last earmarked ticket office swept away by April 2016.

Disruption will generally be for about a month, with some stations needing up to three months to finish the work. Green Park and Baker Street, however, are special and will be disrupted for four months.

Why are ticket offices being closed? Well, TfL says it's to roll with the times, get staff out from behind glass windows and roaming station concourses with iPads and helping passengers use the machines. But it's also undeniable that these changes will result in the loss of around 900 front line jobs with some stations experiencing staff cuts (TfL will need 200 people to run all-night weekend tubes, but there's no saying they'll come from the 900). TfL faces severe budget cuts and needs to find money elsewhere, fast, either from cuts or increased revenue. Cutting staff will provide about 6% of the savings TfL needs, but it will likely find far more revenue by turning those newly empty ticket offices into shops or online shopping drop-off points.

If you want to find out when your local ticket office will close, take a look at this PDF.

Last Updated 04 December 2014

What has happened?

I thought the unions were fighting this every step of the way....? Surely a strike announcement is on the way else bob crow will be spinning in his grave!


I guess Wimbledon isn't down for closure as it never opened - we've only just got Oyster ticket machines, the local shop being the only way of topping up your card until recently.

Jon Millwood

Temple station ticket office hasn't been open for at least 2 years anyway so converting the space to something else makes sense. I often see the staff helping people at the ticket machines anyway so I don't think anything is going to change for the worse here anyways.

The ticket office at Embankment didn't re-open after the recent refurbishment.

Mo Na

I can't see any difference. Last time when I wanted to top up my Oyester before going through the gates, the ticket officer refused to do so and started shouting (I'm serious, that was SHOUTING!) at me saying I should have done it before. Unbelievable customer service!


What does this necessarily mean for tourists? Will the stations continue to operate during the changes to allow commuters to access the trains?


That's just ridiculous? What about the disabled peeps?


We ran that through Google Translate, from the “PR wank” setting to “plain English” and came up with “ticket office closures”. Brilliant.