Tell The Mayor What You Think Of London

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 51 months ago
Tell The Mayor What You Think Of London

Photo by Simon Goldsworthy from the Londonist Flickr pool

There aren't many chances for individual Londoners' voices to be heard in the Great Glass Testicle that sits on the bank of the Thames. We refer, of course, to City Hall and the Mayoral power within. Talk London, the bit of the Greater London Authority that wants to hear what we think, is currently running a survey to canvass opinion on issues such as transport, housing, the economy and the direction London should be taking. (Keen-eyed readers of Londonist will also spot occasional red button issues, like automated tube trains and new hub airports, cropping up.)

There is a point to this box checking: your answers will be presented to Boris Johnson and could help to shape his remaining time in office. Oh, and there are also five prizes of £100 up for grabs if the reward centre of your brain tends toward the pecuniary. The survey is live until the end of October.

To do some questioning / shouting in person, book your place now for the next People's Question Time, coming to Walthamstow Assembly Hall on 11 November. Boris Johnson and members of the London Assembly will be there between 7pm-9pm to take your questions and, hopefully, provide some sensible answers. Tickets are free but you should probably register in advance.

Last Updated 11 October 2014