Lost Lectures Return, With An Exceptional Secret Venue

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Lost Lectures Return, With An Exceptional Secret Venue

Alexandra Palace

The Lost Lectures. They're snappy talks from interesting people in — and this is the clincher — a mysterious but wonderful building. Imagine TED talks getting into bed with Secret Cinema and you have the right idea, or a filthy mind, or perhaps both.

The latest shows take place 3-4 October 2014, and this is how the organisers describe their covert venue:

Since the very beginning, there’s been one elusive space that we’ve dreamt of bringing back to life. An abandoned theatre way above the skyline of London, that has remained under lock and key and closed to the public for over 65 years. A space so in the shadows, that few even know of its existence: for those who do, it has remained tantalisingly out of reach… Until now.

And that picture up top shows the space, which strikes us as rather grand. (If you do know where it is, please don't be a meany spoiler in the comments.)

Now, who's speaking? Well, alas, the Friday night with Martha Lane Fox and the Chapman Brothers has already sold out, but you can still get tickets for the following bill on Saturday:

  • Polar Bear: Spoken word artist, and not an actual polar bear.
  • James Bridle: An Instagram activist.
  • Helen Czerski: UCL's resident bubble scientist.
  • Almost Royal: The duo who duped America by pretending to be blue-blooded. Like Borat, but posh.
  • Public Service Broadcasting: Archive samples and live performance combine with this corduroy-wearing musical pair.
  • Mystery Speaker X: It could be Barack Obama or it could be Buzz Killington. It might even be you. Only one way to find out...

As ever, the Lost Bar will be serving drinks all night, with food from Street Feast.

The Lost Lectures, 3-4 October 2014, mystery venue only revealed to ticket holders. Tickets for the event are £45/£48.

Last Updated 26 September 2014