Boris Johnson Proposes National Scrappage Scheme For Diesels

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Boris Johnson Proposes National Scrappage Scheme For Diesels

smogLondon Mayor Boris Johnson has suggested that owners of diesel vehicles could be persuaded to scrap them by a payment of £1,000 under a national scrappage scheme.

In June, it was announced that drivers of diesels could face an extra charge of £10 per day on top of the existing congestion charge under new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) proposals. The Mayor and the Greater London Authority have acknowledged that previous government incentives led more people to buy diesel cars and urge MPs to introduce a scrappage scheme:

“A national scrappage scheme for diesel and other polluting vehicles is now needed as a priority in order to compensate people who have bought polluting diesel vehicles in good faith, as well as to drive forward air quality improvements.”

A national scrappage scheme was introduced in 2009 to encourage owners of vehicles older than 10 years by paying £1,000 towards the cost of a new car. The scheme was primarily intended to boost new car sales rather than being environment-improving and ended in March 2010.

Local authorities are increasingly turning to more draconian measures in a bid to improve air quality — from 1 August, Islington council has said it will fine drivers if they leave their engines running while stationary. Camden council targeted buses for idling back in 2008, but few authorities have taken the opportunity to issue fines. In July, Oxford Street was claimed to have the highest air pollution levels in the world, a claim City Hall disputes:

“Contrary to any misleading claims, London’s levels of air pollution are lower than many world cities. We know this because we are serious about monitoring pollution levels."

The Mayor and his environmental and energy advisor Matthew Pencharz will give evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee from 2.15pm on 10 September.

Photo by Ian Wylie in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 01 September 2014

An observer

Only fair if manufacturers reduce the number of diesel cars, rather than charge those that have already bought them. The government did encourage people to buy diesel. I knew they were more polluting and I'm not a scientist. Just shows the government are quite often wrong about their policies. There will always be problems with most things now because of population growth in this country and over the globe increasing rapidly. No one wants to be unpopular by suggesting that we limit families to two children, but that's the only solution, unless you stick your heads in the sand and allow population to spiral. What's the point of having more people, it won't sustain pensions either, but would mean more out of work and this countries benefits bill would be hard to afford and in turn would make this country less competitive with trade, due to high cost of living and high taxes and national insurance to pay for this. Not to mention global warming which is accelerated by polluting population growth. It just goes on and on. Rather than people just being concerned with themselves, they need to consider the effect they are having on others. Start by limiting benefits to the first two children for each natural parent from 6 April 2016. Any families who choose to have more than two children should not be given public money to support them. China had a similar more drastic rule due to over population. I don't want to live in an overcrowded society, almost living in shifts on genetically modified produce. People need to take notice and not rely on the country for benefits apart from the disabled or sick and those who are retired. No government dare break the news. They would rather self destruct eventually. Need stronger more focussed decision makers in government who need their positions protected for three years, as they are going to face much criticism .
Ultimately, if and when our countries inhabitants choose to ignore this advice