Roundel Of Applause For A Man Who's Visited Every Tube Station

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Roundel Of Applause For A Man Who's Visited Every Tube Station


Other than our resident World Record holder, there can't be many people who've visited every single Underground station. Mike Turnbull is one such completer-finisher. Not only has he alighted at all 270 stations on the network, but he's also snapped a photo in each one — specifically, a photo of one of the station's roundels.

Mike, who took just two months over his endeavours, shared some of his findings with us:

The most enjoyable section was the Amersham/Chesham sections of the Metropolitan Line where I spent a sunny Monday afternoon wandering around Chesham Village. The most tedious to shoot was the north-eastern section of the Central Line out to Epping, where it was not uncommon to spend up to 20 minutes waiting on the next tube... It was also interesting to find out that out of the 270 stations, four stations don’t display the typical underground roundel (Wimbledon, Barking, Richmond and Upminster), and Ealing Broadway has an old-style roundel from the early 1900s on the District Line platform. After seeing 270 stations, I have decided that my favourite station on the whole network is the Circle platforms at Baker Street.

The complete set of roundels can be found on Mike's Flickr stream.

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Randomly London

Congrats Mike! I completely agree that the Amersham/Chesham section of the Met line is the best. Recall I had a wonderful wander up that way last summer.


A few writers have mentioned the loveliness of that section of the Met Line, I might have to make a day of it one day this summer! Any thoughts on where me and a companion might stop for lunch would be appreciated...

On the subject of old-style roundels, there are supposed to be about four on the network. I've seen the one at Ealing Broadway, and another at Covent Garden, but don't know about the others (though a relative who used to work on the underground tells me there was one at Mansion House in his day).

Geoff Marshall

afternoon all! did you know there IS a roundel at Upminster station? just the one... tucked away, at the eastern end of the platforms, look to the north to the signal box, and there is it. admittedly not with the word 'Upminster' on it, but IS the only LU roundel at the station... another tube secret! you're welcome. :)


You wonderfully sad man. I salute you and all who are like you.

Geoff Marshall

Also, don't forget that Tim McCready already did this, but taking clever photos of /himself/ and animated them all into this video ...


Upminster, and Barking are not technically Underground stations, though Underground lines run through them they are operated by C2C