London Comedy: Claudia O'Doherty, Simon Munnery, Frank Chickens

Rachel Holdsworth
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London Comedy: Claudia O'Doherty, Simon Munnery, Frank Chickens

The Claudia O'Doherty Experience returns to The Invisible Dot on Friday

Our selection of London’s alternative, clever and offbeat comedy gigs this week.

Lewis Schaffer

Lewis Schaffer is a New Yorker currently living in Nunhead: his 'Free Until Famous' shows have been running for what seems like ever, and you can catch one at The Source Below in Soho 11-12 March (free, 8pm) and probably on into the dim and distant future. If you'd prefer to pay actual money – who knows, you may allow him to move into Peckham – it's a tenner at Leicester Square Theatre on Sundays for the rest of the month (8.30pm)

Alternative Comedy Memorial Society

ACMS is back with one of its really, really long shows (like, two intervals, but you can't say you're not getting your money's worth) at the Soho Theatre. Among the performers trying out new or just offbeat material are Bec Hill, Caroline Mabey, Tony Law, David Trent and a special guest, all hosted by John-Luke Roberts and Thom Tuck. 10 March, £12.50, 8pm

The Awkward Silence

On the other hand, you could go to Camden on 10 March and see Colin Hoult, Robin & Partridge, Nick Bowling and Ben Target at the Camden Head and revel in some of the finest and surrealist character comedy around. £5, 7.45pm

Simon Munnery

We really like Munnery's experiments with performing via a closely held camera projected onto the screen: it seems to be the perfect balance between being himself and the semi-arrogant distance of his old characters. He's back at Leicester Square Theatre for a run of new filmic exploits and puppetry between 11-22 March. £11.50-£15, 7.15pm

Frank Chickens

Most of us have only heard of Frank Chickens, the Japanese musical troupe, because Stewart Lee got pissed off at a public vote to determine the 'best' act of all those ever nominated for the Perrier/Fosters Comedy Awards. "Think about the logic of it for a moment," he wrote. "Who among those you are asking to vote has even heard of [1985 nominees] Frank Chickens, who for all anyone under 30 knows may be the best act on the list? It is not possible for the outcome of this vote to have any credibility." And thus a campaign (not spearheaded by Lee) was born and Frank Chickens won. And now the Chickens are coming to The Albany in Deptford on 13 March as part of Yam Yam! East Finale, an evening of South East Asian food and cabaret. Sounds brilliant. £20, 7.30pm

Claudia O'Doherty Experience

The intimate confines of The Invisible Dot suit Claudia O'Doherty's surreal, intimate style. She's back with another run of her Experience shows, plus guests. Be entertained, be made slightly uncomfortable. 14/28 March, £10, 8.45pm

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Last Updated 08 March 2014