New Year Dating In London Around The Clock

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New Year Dating In London Around The Clock

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Morning Meetings

Particularly handy for those drying out January is a breakfast date. Our suggestions of booze-free venues for new year socialising include a thumbs up to classic cafe E Pellici's but there are oodles of options for an early morning mating meeting. The London Review of Breakfasts is a trusted source of inspiration - search by area or pick one of the 10 best breakfasts known to humanity.

Lunchtime Liaisons

Those with hectic schedules need to use all the time available. Squeeze a potential squeeze into your lunchbreak - pop along to a Lunchtime Lecture at UCL for 40 minutes of mental stimulation and find out if you've bagged a brainy one. There should be time for a coffee and a sandwich or some swift snogging if your synapses are sparking off each other.

Not restricted to an hour at lunch? Try fine romantic dining without the passion-killer price tag with one of these smart restaurant lunch menus.

Evening Encounters

Why meet at a pub or in a coffee shop in the evening when you could meet somewhere cultural, surrounded by interesting things to see and talk about? Londonist hereby officially declares that museums and galleries are sexy, plus most have nice bars and cafes too. The next Science Museum Late looks at the Large Hadron (steady with the spelling there) Collider, there's a seductive and sordid one at Museum of London, a 1940s style one at Churchill War Rooms and it's back to the 1930s at the Courtauld Gallery at the end of February.

Show you're London-savvy by taking a date to an art private view. Not sure about the work on show? It'll probably be too busy to pay much attention anyway so grab a complimentary drink and get to know each other. You can always cite artistic differences if it doesn't work out.

Late Night Lingering

Some people are at their best in the small hours. Keep your date out late and you can dine well after dark at one of these late night restaurant recommendations. Handy for debriefing after a movie, if you're working your way through the Derek Jarman retrospective at BFI Southbank.  Or for those who find pre-theatre time too early for eating, dissect a show over a late night feed and find out if your tastes match. See what's coming up in February and book your tickets now.


For the insomniacs, vampires and horribly jet-lagged test the staying power of your date at an all-night film session at Prince Charles Cinema. Coming up soon are two quite different progammes: the Sci-Fi Marathon and the Pyjama Party.

If you're feeling flush, consider whether your date will swoon or run away if you suggest Dino Snores for grown ups. That's camping out in the Natural History Museum after a fancy dinner, with monster movies, comedy, quiz and edible insect tasting. And as we declared above, museums are sexy. Especially those that let you sleep beneath a Diplodocus.

Or how about 50 hours of improvised entertainment at the Improvathon at Park Theare? Share the performers' pleasure and pain as they make up a comedy soap opera aboard the Starship Xanadu with strictly no sleep till the credits roll.


Last Updated 15 January 2014