Mystery Objects: Identify The Museum From The Exhibit

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Mystery Objects: Identify The Museum From The Exhibit

Above are 12 objects or features at local museums. How many venues can you identify?

The first row are all from major museums or attractions in London.

Objects in the second row can be found at smaller museums around town. One of the six isn't quite in London, but the theme of the object is very Londony.

Both rows are in what we'd consider to be relative order of easiness. So, the first in each row is the most well known or guessable, while the last in each row is the toughest. Particular kudos to anyone who gets the sixth in each row. If you get all 12 right, then you should be writing for us!

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1. London Transport Museum (remember this remedy next time you have 'weakness').
2. The Science Museum (it's a sculpture made from hundreds of materials, by Thomas Heatherwick).
3. V&A (in the courtyard area near the wonderful Medieval Galleries).
4. The British Museum (a chair made from confiscated guns, down in the superb Africa Galleries).
5. Museum of London (the notice is at child's-eye level, but we're told the museum has never had a complaint about the rude word).
6. Cutty Sark (a tough one, but clues could be gleaned from the label).
7. The Sherlock Holmes Museum (oddly, we don't remember a Conan Doyle story featuring a masked David Seaman).
8. The Kirkaldy Testing Museum (rarely open museum of industry in Southwark, featuring our favourite pediment in London).
9. London Fire Brigade Museum (also in Southwark, and well worth a visit).
10. Gunnersbury Park Museum (it's a helmet from a 'Robot of Death', from Tom Baker-era Doctor Who, and was made in the local area).
11. Henley River and Rowing Museum (this is the one that's not in London, but the display shows the prize from the Doggett's Coat and Badge river race, which is fought on the Thames in central London each year).
12. British Postal Museum Store (out in Debden, and full of treasures. Here we see a carriage from an old pneumatic railway, which once carried freight beneath the streets of London).

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