Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Pub Quiz

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Pub Quiz


The Monarch in Camden Town has another of its appealingly themed pub quizzes coming up. The subject is Doctor Who, and it's about time.

Test your knowledge of the show and its lore with 50 questions about the Timelord, plus a Peter Capaldi bonus round. There will be prizes, booze, officially licensed TARDIS self-destruct buttons (Jammie Dodgers), Time Lord Future Food (Jelly Babies), and more. Bonus points for the most offensive team name, apparently.

If we were running the quiz, we'd fix it so there was a break after the 26th question, to match the long hiatus in the show's history. (Though they'd have to read out a solitary question part-way through the break, to represent the McGann one-off...perhaps we're over-thinking this.)

The event takes place on Monday 11 November from 8pm. Tickets are just £2 per person and must be booked in advance (see Facebook for more details). From previous experience, these will sell like hotcakes, so be quick.

Last Updated 01 November 2013