Wallaby On The Loose In Highgate Cemetery

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Wallaby On The Loose In Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery, known for its overgrown memorials and stupid vampire legends, has a new peculiarity in the shape of a wallaby. The bouncing beast has been spotted in the western section, hopping among graves 'as bold as brass'.

The marsupial has been photographed several times, and a video is doing the rounds — it's sure to be London's most-shared natural history footage since Fenton/Benton:

The wallaby's provenance remains a mystery. Nearby Golders Hill Park, which maintains a miniature zoo, has not reported any missing animals. A similar creature was spotted on Hampstead Heath last week, but it's not known if this is the same animal.

A spokesperson for Highgate Cemetery told the BBC that there are no plans to capture the wallaby. Staff are leaving out fruit and vegetables and will 'see how it gets on'. Perhaps it will settle next to the tomb of George Wombwell, a famous 19th century menagerie owner.

Last Updated 23 October 2013