Align: London Psychogeographers Return To The Stage

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Align: London Psychogeographers Return To The Stage


If you're the type who enjoys trekking around London looking for buried rivers, ancient boundaries and mythological ley lines, then here is a show you absolutely have to witness. Align is a spoken-word-and-slideshow performance exploring the hidden connections between London locations. Your host is Robert Kingham, a master of teasing out weird histories from the stones and mounds of the city. He's accompanied by long-time collaborator Rich Cochrane, who provides atmospheric music.

We saw the show in an earlier incarnation back in 2010, and remember it very fondly. Find out why Arnold Circus is the centre of the universe, why Mr Witanoom and his vinegar yard deserve to be better known, and whether a psychogeographical stage musical could ever work.

Align takes place at the Bridewell Theatre, 9 October, 7pm. Tickets are about a tenner, and worth every bleeding penny.

Last Updated 04 October 2013