What Else Might Automatic Uploads Inadvertently Reveal?

By Jonn Last edited 66 months ago
What Else Might Automatic Uploads Inadvertently Reveal?

6565673919_06d8afb062Yesterday on the Facebook page of former deputy mayor Richard Barnes, there emerged what appear to be pictures of his eponymous appendage. Although Barnes has blamed hackers, some online commentators have speculated that he fell foul of a new function in Apple's iOS7, which automatically uploads all photographs to the internet.

Londonist has no intention of reposting such foul imagery here (not least because it'd mean we have to look at the bloody things). So here, instead, are some other things that iOS7 might be inflicting on an unsuspecting internet any day now.

  • A photograph of Boris carefully combing his wig.
  • A video clip of Ken Livingstone practicing the speech he's written for when we finally come crawling back.
  • A list of London's postcodes ranked by income, with the title 'bike hire extension plans'.
  • Film of Sadiq Khan staring into a mirror and chanting, 'Yes you Khan. Yes you Khan', over and over again.
  • An invite to secret hipster party, inadvertently revealing where the really cool bars now are. (Surprisingly, Chingford.)
  • A 15 year old policy document in which Peter Mandelson repeatedly refers to the Millennium Dome as "the death star".
  • Southeastern Rail's emergency winter timetable. It's the normal timetable, with a line through it.
  • The evacuation plan for the day we stop messing about and just sell the whole of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea to rich foreigners.
  • Andrew Adonis's A to Z, in which six new tube lines have been drawn on in crayon.
  • A photo of the moment in the Londonist editorial meeting when the ongoing row about whether Borehamwood counts as London or not finally turns violent.
  • Video evidence of a police officer beating the crap out of someone for no reason at all. Oh hang on, that's already happened hasn't it?
  • Photos of a strange room in City Hall in which the walls are covered with maps of Reigate.

Photo courtesy of Richwat2011, taken from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 26 September 2013