Twin Festivals As King's Cross Square Opens

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Twin Festivals As King's Cross Square Opens

Finally, finally, after years of demolition and construction, the work to upgrade King's Cross station comes to a finale this week.

King's Cross Square (#KXSQ to its Twitter friends) opens this Thursday. It replaces the Crappy Green Canopy for which few will mourn. Among other diversions on the opening day, we're promised 'the UK’s largest ever gathering of 'living statue’ street performers' from 7am through morning commuter time.

Then, on the weekend of 28/29 September, two connected festivals will celebrate the area's Victorian roots.

The King's Cross Square Carnival (organised by Network Rail) will offer entertainment right at the front of the station. Details are scant; all we know is that there'll be fairground rides and street food.

Most of the action seems to be at the simultaneous King's Cross Journeys Festival (organised by King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership) in nearby Granary Square. Here, you can meet faux-Victorian clairvoyants, beadles, musicians and magicians, pretend to be a chimney sweep, race on penny farthings, take a horse-and-cart ride and witness the crowning of the new St Pancras Pearly King. Meanwhile, the Gilbert Scott Gin Garden will lubricate the booze organs, and the KERB street food market will be operating at full strength.

It's a short walk between the two pleasure centres, but you might also catch a special train along King's Boulevard.

King's Cross Square Carnival and the King's Cross Journeys Festival run 28-29 September, 11am-6pm. Entrance is free.

Last Updated 24 September 2013