Look For Longer 2: Help Devise Cryptic Tube Station Puzzle

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Look For Longer 2: Help Devise Cryptic Tube Station Puzzle

Remember this?


It's Look For Longer, a visual puzzle from last year with various tube stations cryptically depicted. The lady on the right...she's High Barnet. The couple on the left...they're Barbie and Ken (Barbican). You get the idea.

Well, the team behind it are working on a new version. They've stripped the street bare, and want your input to repopulate it.


Can you design or describe a new rebus for each station? For example, instead of picturing Lime House as a giant lime arising from a house (as shown top-right on last year's image), you might instead depict a mouse telling a lie...a lie-mouse.

Organisers work.shop.play (part of CBS) suggest that you sketch out your idea and upload it to their site for consideration. If you're not arty enough, simply describe it in words. Enter as many station dingbats as you like, but be sure to check what was done last year so you don't duplicate the effort.

The best solutions will appear on this year's Look For Longer 2 (hashtag #lookforlonger). You have until 6 October 2013.

Last Updated 19 September 2013