Can You Decipher This Geeky Street Art?

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Can You Decipher This Geeky Street Art?

Commercial street art is nothing new. The walls of Shoreditch are regularly daubed with stencils and murals promoting products and festivals. But this quartet which recently appeared on Great Eastern Street demands a little more attention. Each panel shows a tech pioneer alongside a message written in binary, morse or javascript. Can you crack the codes?

The walls were commissioned by Campus Party, a big tech festival coming to the O2 in September. Further street art is set to appear in the next few days, and will also be featured on the event's web site. If you can decipher the message across the various pieces of art, you could win two tickets to the festival.

Campus Party, 2-7 September 2013, O2 in Greenwich. Tickets from £15.

Last Updated 19 August 2013