London's Floating Cinema is Back

By Zoe Craig Last edited 130 months ago
London's Floating Cinema is Back

Pity the poor multiplex. Us Londoners, it seems, are forever searching for adventure in our cinematic excursions. With the Nomad, the Rooftop, and the PopUp, our local cinema just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. And now here are details of another new way to digest your celluloid delights: at The Floating Cinema.

The Floating CinemaLaunching at the end of July, the UP Projects Floating Cinema will feature a new "Extra-Ordinary" programme of outdoor screenings, canal tours, workshops and events along the waterways of East London and beyond.

Details are still quite sketchy at the time of writing, but we do know the Floating Cinema's 2013 adventures start with the Open East Festival; as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park reopens on 27 July, the Floating Cinema team will be there. Other interesting highlights in their two-month event programme include:

  • London Lost (an archaeological tour, including a visit to the Museum of London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre)
  • London's Lea Valley (a tour led by Jim Lewis, a top expert on this area of town)
  • The Horror Weekender (a two-day festival featuring food, drinks and films screened both outdoors and on board, climaxing in Let's Make a Ghost, a late-night writing workshop and seance)
  • A fancy-dress screening of Frankenweenie at Riverside Green, Three Mills Lane in Bow

Tickets go on sale at midday on Monday. If you don't want to miss out, make sure you head to Alternatively, you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter @upprojects.

Last Updated 28 June 2013