Tunnel Could Replace Hammersmith Flyover

Dean Nicholas
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Tunnel Could Replace Hammersmith Flyover

The temporary closure of the Hammersmith Flyover late in 2011 left major traffic problems throughout west London and the lingering sensation that Something Must Be Done. One of the proposals discussed, a tunnel, has now been backed by Lord Rogers, who has endorsed the Hammersmith 'Flyunder' plan drawn up by local architects. You can see further sketches of the proposal here (PDF).

Backed by the West London Design Link, the tunnel would stretch from Earls Court to Chiswick roundabout, entirely replacing the dilapidated flyover. Should it go ahead, it would be London's first road tunnel in 20 years. It would also mean the opportunity to get rid of the flyover, regularly described as an 'eyesore' and a concrete barrier that severs Hammersmith's connection with the Thames. It could also be turned into London's equivalent of New York's High Line.

Quixotic schemes in Hammersmith seem to come along quite frequently — in the 1970s Norman Foster planned to demolish the Broadway and replace it with a giant transport interchange and helicopter station — but the tunnel scheme seems to have broad backing among politicians, residents and engineers, while the rest of London would see the benefit of an easier trip along the A4. Over to Transport for London, who'll be deciding what to do about the capital's ageing flyovers later in the year.

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Huzzah for banishing concrete monoliths! Removing the central artery in Boston as part of the Big Dig reconnected the North End with the city centre, and there were some nice parks to boot.


can we please stop trying to ape NY? the high line costs a fortune to maintain and will never happen here.

Ian Wylie

"...the tunnel would stretch from Earls Court to Chiswick roundabout." The proposals as linked to here actually stop at the Hogarth Roundabout in Chiswick. Many in W4 would like them to extend further west to Chiswick Roundabout (where the M4 elevated section begins) also reuniting the major two halves of Chiswick that were sliced apart by the A4. (Only a very small part of Chiswick is east of the Hogarth Roundabout which is actually at the boundary to W4). The whole thing is such an obviously good thing to do and would be of enormous benefit to future generations.


The Big Dig is not a project you want to use as a role model. 190% over budget, 9 years late: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B...