London Marathon Security Reviewed Following Boston Explosions

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London Marathon Security Reviewed Following Boston Explosions

Organisers of this Sunday's London Marathon have announced that the event will still go ahead, following the fatal explosions at the finish line of yesterday's Boston Marathon. It seems increasingly clear that the blasts were caused by explosive devices, a scenario that has prompted organisers of the London event to review security measures with the Metropolitan Police. There is, however, no known specific or credible threat, according to an anonymous security official.

Crowds will also line the streets of London tomorrow, for the funeral procession of Margaret Thatcher. The already tightened security for that event will not be affected, according to a police statement. More over on BBC News.

Image of the London Marathon by McTumshie in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 16 April 2013


Don't worry, London. Chances are the terrorists in Boston were ring-wing nut jobs who hate the black president and hate gun control, or, they could be Muslims, or some disgruntled marathoner. We don't know actually. Anyway, it's about us not you. Cheers! And enjoy running in the rain!